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Barefeet and Toes List of Clips on Barefeet and Toes Category
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Sexy Riley Talks Dirty to Footboy
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 336.94 MB    View Sample
Riley's biggest fan wants a show and Riley's going to give him one! She puts her long, stinky feet in his face as she orders him to pull his cock out! He does what he's told and begins to stroke it as Riley laughs at how pathetic he is! She wiggles her toes in his face and scrunches her arch as he tries to control his orgasm! He's not allowed to bust until Riley says so! (HiDef)
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Saige Talks Dirty And Mesmerizes You With Her Sexy Feet
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 229.09 MB    View Sample
Saige knows you have been desperately wanting her sweet, delicious, yummy, southern, slutty feet and it's about time she finally gives them to you. She begs you to whip out your huge cock while she foot fucks you with her soles. She wants your hot sticky cum all over every single wrinkle and drenching every single toe until she feel hot wet cum dripping down her soles. She wants you to open your mouth as wide as you can while she jams her petite foot deep inside it along with your ass. Then, she wants you to lick your own ass juice off with you wet tongue!
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Stormy Talks Dirty To Her Foot Slave
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 337.69 MB    View Sample
Stormy has her Arab foot slave kneeling in front of her as she wiggles her cute little toes in his face! He loves her feet and Stormy gets enjoyment out of teasing him! She flexes her soles in his face and tells him she's going to stick her entire foot up his ass! He's so turned on by the idea of Stormy's foot pulsing in and out of his ass! He strokes his large, throbbing cock as she continues to downgrade him and tease him with her feet! (HiDef)
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Shaylee breaks in her new flops
Length: 12.00 min,     Size: 267.36 MB
Shaylee is very excited to be wearing her new brown flip flops. She sits while she shakes them with her feet and flexes in them. She spreads her long toes wide apart and scrunches them. She's ready to hit the beach but wants to make sure her new flops are properly broke in first!
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Chrissy Talks to Her Foot Obsessed Arab Slave
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 339.38 MB    View Sample
Chrissy has her feet propped up and is teasing her Arab slave! He's obsessed with her huge size 12 feet! She rubs her feet together in front of his face and teases him with them! She knows how much he loves her wrinkly soles and long plump toes! (HiDef)
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Raina Gets Her Toes Stuck in a Mousetrap
Length: 8.00 min,     Size: 169.37 MB    View Sample
Raina came in and she's wore out. She plops down on her couch and throws her feet up. She kicks her flip flops off and sits back to relax. But she begins to smell something and it's awful! She lifts her feet to her face and they smell like rotten cheese! She cant believe how bad they are! She makes a joke about how the mouse running around the house would love her feet today! Raina and her room mate have had a rodent problem lately. She turns around and puts her feet on the floor and has no idea that her roommate has put a mouse trap under the coffee table. She sits there reading a magazine as she wiggles her toes beside the trap! She moves her foot too much and the trap clamps down on her toes! She screams out and grabs her trapped foot as she hops around on one leg. She cusses her roommate as she tries to pry the mousetrap off her toes. She finally gets it off her toes and rubs her sore toes. She's so pissed! What was her roommate thinking putting that mousetrap there?! (HiDef)
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Lana Flexes in Her Sandals
Length: 12.00 min,     Size: 277.40 MB    View Sample
Lana sits back on her couch with her feet propped up on the table. She's wearing jeans and black thong sandals. She flexes in her sandals and spread her long pretty toes. She takes her sandals off and you get amazing views of her beautiful feet. (HiDef)
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Lana Teases Her Slave With Her Feet
Length: 13.00 min,     Size: 289.45 MB    View Sample
Lana knows how obsessed you are with her feet, especially when they're dirty! She makes you kneel down in front of her as she wiggles her stinky, filthy little toes in your face! She has her nails bare just how you like them and all the dirt shows up perfectly! She wants you to jack off to her sexy soles and you can't disappoint the beautiful Lana! (HiDef)
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Cherish Talks Dirty to Her Footboy
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 346.73 MB    View Sample
Cherish has her feet propped up, drinking a beer and flexing her feet. Her footboy is obsessed with her feet and Cherish loves talking dirty to him. (HiDef)
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Raina and Hali chit chat over a cig
Length: 12.00 min,     Size: 260.33 MB    View Sample
Two friends, Hali and Raina, are relaxing at the house, showing off their sexy bodies in their bikinis. Hali tells Raina that she has been working out and she gets up on the futon to show off her new improved ass. Raina gets up with her and loves how firm it is. They both face the wall, showing off both their bubble butts, being very friendly with their hands, and both toe pointing as they keep talking. They stretch out on the futon, laying on their backs, they put their soles together, up in the air and slightly push against each others. Fianlly, they sit back down and light up a cig. They continue to talk about working out and going to the lake this summer. They exhales large clouds of smoke, leaving the room in a curtain of fog.
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Hali starts a toe fight with bitch co worker
Length: 13.00 min,     Size: 298.49 MB    View Sample
It's break time and Raina has already picked a seat in the break room. She sits quietly reading a magazine and dangling in her black heels. Hali walks in with her highest bright high heels on and ask her co worker, Raina, if she can sit next to her. Rain rudely asks if there is anywhere else she can sit. Hali sits next to her anyways and they both are seen dangling in their heels. Rubbing each others leg occasionally. One of Hali's heels drop to the ground and then she pulls off Raina's as well. Both girls begin to see whose toes are stronger. With all their might, they try to wedge their big toe between the other girls and squeeze with all their might until their toes turn white. They grab all the toes at once with their feet and try to hold on as tight as they can. Raina uses her grabby bony toes to her advantage as she clasps all of Hali's toes at once and scrunches them and pulls them apart as hard as she can. Raina has a tight grasp on Hali so she tries to use her free foot to pry her off. Once both heels are off, they put both feet to the test. Both girls cry out in pain as their opponent gets the best of them. Who will win this fight?
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Skyler and Jill Tease Foot Slave Boy
Length: 33.00 min,     Size: 720.05 MB    View Sample
Skyler props her feet up on the table in front of her foot slave and tells him to get to work. She tells him to clean all of her foot and get all the swear out. Her friend Jill comes in and he begs to lick Jill's feet too! She props her feet up and tells the nigger to get to work! They decide their feet aren't dirty enough so they walk outside and dirty their feet up! They come back in and tell him to start over! They want every speck of dirt off! (HiDef)
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Babysitter avoids young father's pervy ways
Length: 20.00 min,     Size: 443.40 MB
Hali is babysitting her favorite kids and isn't expecting their father until much later. To kill time, she decides to take a nice long wet swim. Already in her high waisted bathing suit, the kids' dad walks in from work early. She wasn't expecting him and is surprised byh is arrival. He seems very different today. he keeps complimenting Hali on her bathing suit, telling her how good it looks on he and randomly asks if he can get a closer look. Hali turns around and agrees. Doing so, he immediately gets down on his knees and begins to thrust his head straight into her crotch. She is alarmed and begins back away. The more she tries to get away, the more he follows her. She runs several places in the house and each time, he rubs his head like a wild animal into her crotch area. She begs him to stop and that his kids and girlfriend might see but her pleading and resisting only gets him more horny and aggressive. Hali falls several times due to his violent thrusting, making it easier for him to get access to her crotch. He shakes his head all around her private area, not giving a fuck if he gets caught. After a while of running and chasing, he finally throws Hali over his back and takes her outside so he can keep her always.
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Lana Talks Dirty To Her Foot Boy
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 338.08 MB    View Sample
Lana has her little foot boy right where she wants him and she has her feet right in his face. Lana teases and makes him whip his big cock out and she rubs her feet in his face and makes him jerk off. Lana lets her foot boy know all the little things she is going to do to him like cram her big foot in his tiny ass, lana knows he would love that! Lana loves making her foot slave cum to her sexy toe spreads and teases! She loves talking down to him and making him feel worthless!(Hidef)
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Lenore's Sweaty Snowboot Soles
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 338.29 MB    View Sample
Lenore has just came back inside from shoveling her sidewalks after the big blizzard she is exhausted and her snow boots are so warm and fuzzy they make her feet sweaty. Lenore grabs herself a drink and then sits down takes a big stretch and relaxes she worked so hard to shovel 14 inches of snow. Lenore kicks her feet up and slowly removes her big brown snow boots. She is relieved when the air hits her hot steamy socks, she then removes those one by one. Lenore's feet are so damp from sweating so she flexes and twirls her hard working feet around to let them cool off. Lenore hopes the snow is over!!!(Hidef)
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