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Barefeet and Toes List of Clips on Barefeet and Toes Category
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Shya Vacuum Hose Between Her Feet
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 222.81 MB
Shya is getting started cleaning, vacuuming the floor, and she has to get underneath the couch. He walks up behind her, and he loves to watch her get underneath the couch to clean. Her wrinkled bare soles are in his face, but today he wants a little treat. He has her put the vacuum hose between her feet and stroke on it. Nice! (in HiDef)
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Chloe Under Chair Massage Part 2
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 333.47 MB
Chloe's coworker has a thing for her sexy size 8 feet and has took it upon himself to give her soles some pampering. While she sits at her desk working, he's busy massaging her worn out feet! She has removed her heels and lets him have his way with her sweaty, tired feet! Chloe doesn't object and is loving every minute of the massage! Shew can't wait to come back to work and receive another massage from the foot loving coworker!
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Chloe Under Chair Massage
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 327.02 MB
Chloe is at her desk working and her coworker is obsessed with her sexy size 8 feet. She has kicked off her heels and is scrunching and playing with her bare soles when her coworker sneaks up behind her and starts massaging her feet. Chloe loves the way it feels and doesn't object to the massage! Lots of closeups of her sexy wrinkles and bare soles! (HiDef)
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Mandy Sexy Bed Tease For Foot Slave
Length: 20.00 min,     Size: 441.42 MB    View Sample
After a sexy thong dance for him,Mandy makes her foot slave follow her up to the bedroom. She lays on her stomach and makes her foot slave lick all the sweat from between her toes. She lights up a cigarette and watches him run his tongue up and down her body. Mandy tells him exactly what to do, telling him that as her slave it is his job to please her. Mandy makes him lick her ass cheeks and demands that he get back down to her feet. She rolls over on her back to show off that pretty little body as he licks all over her big bare soles. (HiDef) (POV)
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Shaylee Sneaks To Smoke At Work
Length: 6.00 min,     Size: 138.17 MB
Shaylee is having an extremely busy day at work. Her poor feet are tired and she has yet to smoke a cigarette. She decides to sneak up to the bathroom to rest her feet. Shaylee kicks her pumps off and props her sore stockinged soles up on the sink as she sparks up a cigarette. She inhaled deeply and blows her smoke up towards the ceiling. Her toes wiggle in her sheer tan stockings as she talks about what a rough day she has had. (HiDef)
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Selena Sunbathe in Thong
Length: 20.00 min,     Size: 437.91 MB
Selena's enjoying the beautiful weather and now would be a good time to work on her sexy tan. She lies face down with that cute bare ass up, sprawled out, catching the rays. She'll turn over and see that sexy body glistening in the sunlight. Check out those hot, petite, dusty feet as she relaxes. (in HiDef)
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Sunbathing Selena Talks To Foot Slave POV
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 223.13 MB    View Sample
Selena sits outside soaking up the sun in her bikini top and thong with her foot slave sitting at her feet. She orders him to lick her dirty feet clean as she relaxes. Selena bitches and complains about how he sucks as a slave and threatens to replace him. She shoves her dirty bare soles in his face in different positions and tells him exactly what to do. She shows off her perfect little tan ass in her pink thong and orders him to lick the sweat off her ass cheeks. He has to do exactly as she says or Selena will replace him as her foot slave! (POV)
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Skyler Stomps on His Diploma
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 231.03 MB    View Sample
Skyler laughs! What would a foot slave possibly ever need with a college education? She uses her hot pink pumps to grind into and stomp on the hard cover of the diploma before opening it and rubbing her sweaty bare soles all over the paper. You won't be needing this anytime soon! (in HiDef)
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Candi Stretch Angie Joins to Dance
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 338.24 MB
Candi sits in her living room, doing some stretches as she listens to music. She stands to finish stretching and can't help herself but to dance to the music. And when her roommate Angie comes in, she wants to dance, too! The girls laugh and shake it on the mat before getting up on the coffee table to show off their dance moves! (in HiDef)
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Draya on Crutches in Grocery Store
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 331.65 MB
Draya hobbles into the local grocery store, using her crutches to walk on. She grabs a shopping cart and this is more difficult than it looks. She pushes the cart, takes a step, pushes the cart again, and hobbles along. But these errands have to be done or she won't be eating dinner tonight! (in HiDef)
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Candi Pregnant on Crutches
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 336.80 MB
Even being pregnant doesn't keep Candi from being clumsy! She has sprained her ankle, but she has to get out of the house. She brings her crutches along with her and tries to make it as far as she can, but it doesn't take long for her to sit and rub her sore foot and her preggo belly! (in HiDef)
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Madalyn Crutches in Store
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 340.16 MB
Even with a sprained ankle, Madalyn still has to run errands. She goes into the store, wobbling and hopping on her crutches. Shopping is not easy with a bum foot! (in HiDef)
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Jessi Sandal Spread on Couch
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 227.39 MB
Jessi sits on the couch with her sandals. She spreads her toes with her fingers and begins to file her nails down lightly. To finish off, she puts lotion in her fingers and rubs them between her toes. (in HiDef)
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Shya Hop in Restaurant
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 339.59 MB
Shya decides to walk without her crutches this time into the fast food place. She stands and waits to order her food. She slowly hops to her seat, and sits down to start to eat. She gets a call from her physical therapists and tells Shya a new method to try to help her sore ankle. Shya leaves the restaurant and heads out to her car. Her therapist told Shya to suck on her toes and her foot will feel better. Shya does as she's told and she finds out if it works or not... (in HiDef)
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Shaylee Bare Foot Dance
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 217.64 MB
Damn Shaylee! Work it girl! We love seeing those long legs and those bare feet dancing on top of the table. But she looks even better when she's down on the ground, shaking her ass and letting us see those nice, long feet!
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