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Barefeet and Toes List of Clips on Barefeet and Toes Category
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Amber Stubs Her Toes
Length: 8.00 min,     Size: 182.41 MB
Amber's Roommates have left her house a disaster and she is not happy, she tries walking through the house and picking stuff up and Stubs her toe on the table, she hates being in pain and that really hurt her. Amber tries to shake off the pain and keeps picking up crap that has been left around the house, she tries to put things away and stubs her toe again! Amber is tired of always being left to pick things up, She is having such a bad day and stubbing her toes doesn't make it any better!(Hidef)
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The Milf Talks Dirty To Her Friend
Length: 20.00 min,     Size: 326.64 MB
The Milf has her friend over and she knows he loves every inch of her hot perfect soles, she teases and teases telling him all the things shes going to do to him. The Milf also lets him know she wants him to cum on her feet and watch him lick him off.(Hidef)
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Naka's smoking Soles
Length: 9.00 min,     Size: 208.55 MB
Naka is waiting for a friend to come pick her up! she lights herself a cigarette and looks out the window. Shes walking around the house barefoot so her soles are dirty. Naka decides to relax on the counter with her feet up and finish smoking. she toe points and stretches her toes and shows off her dusty soles! (Hidef)
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Savannah Naughty Foot Tease
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 338.64 MB    View Sample
Savannahs friend is in love with her sexy gorgeous feet, so Savannah decides shes gonna put on a little tease for him. Savannah wants to jack her friend off and feel his throbbing cock in between her soles. She flexes her feet to get a good view of her wrinkles and pretty soles. Savannah would love to have fun with her friend and another guy. Savannah wants to foot fuck her friend really bad and all of it turns her on so much! (Hi Def)
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Jane Removes Her Polish From Her Long Nails
Length: 23.00 min,     Size: 522.04 MB
Jane knows you love her toe nails and she knows you like them bare! She sits down and starts to remove her polish and tease you! finally she is done a shows you every single one of her bare unpolished toes!(Hidef)
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Luka Grinds Diploma With Her Sexy Feet
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 241.96 MB    View Sample
Luka gets Shane's diploma and takes a good look at it. She sees that he got an associates in arts at a community college and teases him for it. Luka puts her dusty feet on top of his diploma and grinds them into it. Luka gets on top of the coffee table and stomps and grinds her dirty feet all over it, leaving streaks on his poor diploma! (Hi Def)
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Hali Sitting Soles In Thong
Length: 31.00 min,     Size: 681.42 MB
Hali has been outside doing other things and has been distracted from studying, she finally comes in and grabs her self a drink and goes to relax and study. She takes her cute yoga shorts off and walks around in her thong. She wants to be a comfortable as possible to get ready for her exam. she sits in her chair on her beautiful wrinkled soles and starts to study. she shows off her round beautiful ass and every sexy wrinkle on her little feet.(Hidef)
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Alana Wants Your Cock Between Her Size Ten Feet
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 329.24 MB    View Sample
Alana has been waiting for her Arab friend all day! He loves her big sexy American feet and wants his hard cock between them! Alana flexes her big feet in front of his face and teases him with her bright red toes! She orders him to stroke his big brown cock and slap it on the ends of his toes! He's so turned on he can barely contain himself! Alana tells him he's not allowed to cum until she says! (HiDef)
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Storm Sitting Soles
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 230.20 MB
Storm is off today and relaxes around the house in her comfy clothes, shes not going anywhere and doesn't want to do anything. She looks out the window to see what its like outside, she then sits down on her beautiful soles and shows them off. She talks to friends on her phone and sits! She is so glad she can take the day off, to do nothing but relax!(Hidef)
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Storm Stomps Your Diploma
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 226.15 MB    View Sample
Storm has your nerdy associates of art diploma and she feels like being a bitch today! She rubs her sweaty feet all over it and laughs at you! She grabs it with her toes and crinkles the paper! You beg her to stop but shes having too much fun! She rips at it with her feet and tears it into shreds! (HiDef)
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Racist Kat Catches black Ni**** Creeping
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 330.47 MB    View Sample
Kat is sitting on her couch brushing her long, pretty hair. She's been lounging around the house all day and trying to find things to occupy herself. Kat lays back on the couch and dangles her sandals from her toes when she hears a noise from outside. She peeks out her window and sees a black man creeping around in her bushes! She calls her daddy right away! They all hate ni****s and he can't wait to have a lynching! She walks to the back door and he's standing right there in front of her! She tells him to stop right there and that her daddy is on the way to fuck him up! She makes him get on the floor and puts her feet on top of him! Kat calls him a creepy N***** and that he's got a lynching coming! She forces him to smell her stinky feet when her dad busts through the door with a gun! (HiDef)
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Lenore Wants You to Cum on Her Feet
Length: 18.00 min,     Size: 391.10 MB    View Sample
Lenore comes in wearing a sexy dress and her black mules. She knows how much you love her sexy little feet and she's feeling especially generous today! She tells you her feet are so dry and there's nothing she loves more than having a big cock all over them! She teases you by dangling them off the ends of her dusty toes. She tells you to pull your hard cock out and stroke it. She talks dirty and tells you that you can't cum until she says! She rubs her feet all over your hard cock and begins counting down from ten! At one you cum all over her dirty, little feet! (HiDef)
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Destiny Sits On Her Soles
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 225.89 MB
Destiny is home alone and decides to sit at her desk and get some paper work done. She is home and has her comfy clothes on. She goes to her desk and sits on her soles. she gives you a great view of her hot ass and sexy feet!(Hidef)
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Keyshia Wants You To Cum On Her Soles
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 340.60 MB
Keyshia is all about teasing and giving you every bit of her undivided attention. She noticed you loved big sexy soles, she doesn't let much get past her big sexy brown eyes. She props her soles on the table and grabs your attention, she teases and rubs those big sexy soles of her's together. Keyshia talks to you telling you how good it feel and she wants you to cum on her big sexy soles and toes! Keyshia is just one sexy tease!(Hidef)
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Keyisha Takes Her Polish Off
Length: 20.00 min,     Size: 456.75 MB
Keyisha heard you like to see her toes all bare and natural. She has a special treat just for you! She takes a seat and removes her polish off of each toe. She takes her time teasing you, she knows you just cant wait to see her bare unpolished toes! Keyisha even gives you a little foot tease to excite you!(Hidef)
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