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Barefeet and Toes List of Clips on Barefeet and Toes Category
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Best Friends Rough Wrestling
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 227.43 MB
Challenged by their fans, Mariah and Riley go head to head in a wrestling match. In their short shorts and bare feet, we see these two best friends show no mercy as they toss each other around on the mat. Both girls are very tough and won't give up as they climb on top of each other and give it all they've got. Great views of their bare soles as they wrestle! (HiDef)
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Jazmine Big Feet Stretching & Dancing
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 337.99 MB
Jazmine starts off by stretching on the mat in the living room. She spreads her legs and touches her toes as she spreads and scrunches her toes. We get great shots of her big bare soles as she stretches. When she stands up to loosen up a bit, Jazmine starts dancing to the music. Great views of her big bare dancing soles and her long body as she moves to the music. (HiDef)
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Cinamon Dirty Feet on His Diploma
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 223.81 MB
One of her many fans sent his own college diploma in for Cinamon to destroy. She hops up on the coffee table and rubs her big dirty feet all over his degree. When she sits back down on the couch, Cinamon folds and picks up his diploma with her toes as she talks shit to him. (HiDef)
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Poppy Bed Soles Tease POV
Length: 41.00 min,     Size: 884.24 MB
Poppy is sitting in a chair next to the bed and she is extremely angry! She cannot believe you have underestimated her because of her old age and now, she is going to make you pay. She climbs on the bed and slowly removes her knee-high black leather boots and makes you sit on your knees at her feet. Poppy shoves her mature feet in your face and commands you to smell and kiss her wrinkled old soles. When she slowly takes off her pantyhose, Poppy puts you to work on her bare feet as her little foot slave. She changes position and talks about her age and her feet as you follow instructions and lick, kiss, and smell all over her mature soles and toes. (HiDef) (POV)
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Sexy Bikini Girls Soles & Belly Rub
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 247.73 MB
In their bikinis on the porch, Aliyah and Shya sit on the mat with their bare feet right in front of you. Shya rubs lotion on Aliyah's pregnant belly as she smokes. The girls talk about being pregnant and being a mommy as their bare soles change positions. They lay on their sides with their feet lined up to show off those sexy soles. (HiDef)
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Ava Cleans Mat Bare Feet
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 245.42 MB    View Sample
Sexy Ava is on her hands and knees cleaning her workout mat! She is working so hard and you get to see her big feet in the air! Good views of her wrinkled soles and bare toes! (HiDef)
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Poppy Catches Foot Pervert
Length: 26.00 min,     Size: 954.05 MB
This is a POV video of Ms. Poppy. Ms. Poppy is having problems with her old fashioned laptop and has called in an professional to work on it. The professional gets under her desk and Ms. Poppy continues to work at her desk. Her sexy feet and legs are right in front of his face! She's wearing sexy sandals and sheer black pantyhose and dips and dangles the shoes at the end of her toes. The guy is mesmerized by her stinky gorgeous feet! Poppy catches onto the foot pervs actions and gets totally pissed! She tells him to get out from under her desk and instead of going off, she offers a proposal. If he will worship Poppy's sexy soles, she won't tell his boss and have him fired! She takes her shoes off and props them up on the table in front of his face! She demands him to start massaging her feet, than instructs him to lick her and suck on her stinky feet! They both start to get very aroused and Poppy tells him they need to go to the couch! She throws herself on the couch, takes off her panyhose and tells the foot perv to continue where he left off! He sucks and licks her feet passionately and Poppy gets as wet as her slobbery soles! They both get so excited they climax together! Poppy tells him to clean up his mess and than he can leave. She's not going to have the foot perv fired and has really enjoyed the experience!! (HiDef)
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Flip Flop Robber Strikes Again!
Length: 13.00 min,     Size: 293.34 MB    View Sample
Roxie is relaxing on her bed, dangling her flip flops and reading a magazine when she hears a creepy voice say "I want your flip flops". She raises up and asks who's there but she never gets a response. Next thing she knows, Roxie is waking up, stripped down to her bra and thong and it hog tied and gagged with duct tape! Her flip flops are missing and as she moans and struggles to get free, she hears another noise. The sound of her flip flops slapping together gets closer and closer as the flip flop robber approaches her. He rubs and kisses on her bare soles before duct taping her two big toes together. The robber exits the room, leaving poor Roxie tied up and struggling for freedom! (HiDef)
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Candi Bare Soles on The Mat
Length: 13.00 min,     Size: 284.05 MB
Laying on her stomach on the mat, Candi shows off those wrinkled bare soles. She wiggles and scrunches her toes and puts her feet in different positions to give you the best view of those pretty southern soles. (HiDef)
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Zoe Wins Bet With Boss
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 320.19 MB    View Sample
Zoe is at her office working and she has made a bet with her boss. She bet that Selena wouldn't show up for work again today and she's right! No Selena! For losing the bet her boss has to let her off work early and let Zoe rub her sore feet all over his face! He's reluctant at first but he has no choice! He lost the bet!! He crawls under her desk and Zoe uses him as her personal foot rest! She rubs and wiggles her toes all over face! She even gets a kick out of pinching his nose and lips with her skilled toes! (HiDef)
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Shya Vacuum Hose Between Her Feet
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 222.81 MB
Shya is getting started cleaning, vacuuming the floor, and she has to get underneath the couch. He walks up behind her, and he loves to watch her get underneath the couch to clean. Her wrinkled bare soles are in his face, but today he wants a little treat. He has her put the vacuum hose between her feet and stroke on it. Nice! (in HiDef)
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Chloe Under Chair Massage Part 2
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 333.47 MB
Chloe's coworker has a thing for her sexy size 8 feet and has took it upon himself to give her soles some pampering. While she sits at her desk working, he's busy massaging her worn out feet! She has removed her heels and lets him have his way with her sweaty, tired feet! Chloe doesn't object and is loving every minute of the massage! Shew can't wait to come back to work and receive another massage from the foot loving coworker!
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Chloe Under Chair Massage
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 327.02 MB
Chloe is at her desk working and her coworker is obsessed with her sexy size 8 feet. She has kicked off her heels and is scrunching and playing with her bare soles when her coworker sneaks up behind her and starts massaging her feet. Chloe loves the way it feels and doesn't object to the massage! Lots of closeups of her sexy wrinkles and bare soles! (HiDef)
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Mandy Sexy Bed Tease For Foot Slave
Length: 20.00 min,     Size: 441.42 MB    View Sample
After a sexy thong dance for him,Mandy makes her foot slave follow her up to the bedroom. She lays on her stomach and makes her foot slave lick all the sweat from between her toes. She lights up a cigarette and watches him run his tongue up and down her body. Mandy tells him exactly what to do, telling him that as her slave it is his job to please her. Mandy makes him lick her ass cheeks and demands that he get back down to her feet. She rolls over on her back to show off that pretty little body as he licks all over her big bare soles. (HiDef) (POV)
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Shaylee Sneaks To Smoke At Work
Length: 6.00 min,     Size: 138.17 MB
Shaylee is having an extremely busy day at work. Her poor feet are tired and she has yet to smoke a cigarette. She decides to sneak up to the bathroom to rest her feet. Shaylee kicks her pumps off and props her sore stockinged soles up on the sink as she sparks up a cigarette. She inhaled deeply and blows her smoke up towards the ceiling. Her toes wiggle in her sheer tan stockings as she talks about what a rough day she has had. (HiDef)
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