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Barefeet and Toes List of Clips on Barefeet and Toes Category
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Sally Works Out in a Thong
Length: 30.00 min,     Size: 656.62 MB
Sally is a sexy, mature woman who works hard to stay healthy and in shape! She starts her morning by trying her work out routine on her stair case for a change! But because she gets hot and sweaty, Sally is working out in her bra and teeny tiny thong today! She stretches her arms and legs before getting started and than get in postiton for pushups! From the bottom the stairs you get an incredible view of her round ass in the air! She than throws her leg on the banister and stretches forward, her bare soles on display! Sally is too sexy as she works out in her thong! Her work out do wonders for her amazing body! (HiDef)
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Chrissy Flattens Dildo With Her Big Feet
Length: 25.00 min,     Size: 556.66 MB    View Sample
Chrissy throws a dildo on the floor and pretends it's your cock! She loves smashing cocks with her huge feet and 280 pounds! Her massive size 12 foot is as long as the dildo and she completely flattens it to the ground! She kneads the dildo with her massive heels! She smashes the balls completely flat and laughs as she visualizes your real cock under her feet! Chrissy throws the dildo on a glass table and puts all 280 pounds on it! The dildo flattens like putty under her massive feet! She laughs wickedly! Oh how she wishes it was your puny little cock under there! (HiDef)
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Misty Airs Her Dirty Feet
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 335.12 MB
Misty has had a full day of Thieving she is busy getting into everyone's things and taking whatever she wants. Before Misty goes back out to steal everyone's nice things she takes her shoes off to air her dirty, sweaty feet out! Misty sits down and thinks about all the places she is going to break into. Misty pulls her shoes and wet damp socks off. Misty's feet are dirty she has them kicked out on the table and in front of her. Misty makes her plans and continues to figure out what she wants to steal while flexing and toe spreading her dirty feet! (Hidef)
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Raven Sits On her Perfect Soles
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 330.08 MB    View Sample
Raven is home for the weekend shes been gone all week, and she has a little treat just for you! Raven slips her shorts off and sits on her Soles, she is wearing her sexy pink thong you love ohh so much! As raven sits on her cute wrinkled soles she shows off her Nice ass and toes! You get close ups and get to see everything you love!(Hidef)
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Riley Stomps Whore Lynn POV
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 243.28 MB
Riley has tied up the neighborhood whore Lynn and decides she's going to teach her a lesson! Everyone hates Lynn and wants her to just disappear! She fucks everyone's men and thinks she's so hot! But Riley is going to fix that today! She hovers her stinky stocking feet over Lynn's face and forces her to smell them! Riley smothers Lynn with her sweat soaked foot by grinding it into her mouth and dares her to scream! Lynn cries and begs for mercy as Riley begins stomping her head and face with her stocking feet but Riley doesn't feel any sympathy for her! Lynn's going to learn the hard way not to fuck with Riley! (HiDef) POV
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Sexy Little Lenore Talks To Her Fans
Length: 41.00 min,     Size: 892.96 MB    View Sample
Lenore's biggest fan wants a one on one with her! He has ordered a custom of the sexy Lenore putting on a show for him as she talks dirty! She slowly begins taking off her knee high socks and reveals her dirty little feet! She arches her foot and toe points to the camera and asks him if he likes what he sees?? She removes her shirt and bra and begins rubbing on her hard little nipples and herself through her short! She tells him she wishes he was there but she's going to show him what she can do still! Lenore deep throats a massive dildo as she moans with pleasure and keeps eye contact! She wishes it was his hard cock in her warm, wet mouth! She rubs herself as she licks and sucks all over the dildo! (HiDef)
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Destiny hot blonde pumps for you
Length: 13.00 min,     Size: 290.30 MB    View Sample
Destiny 1st starts off on the coffee table pumping her sexy ass foot and talking about trying to start her car! "Com-on Baby start" Then she goes outside to the truck and cranks the shit out of it for and finally gets it going and goes out for a quick drive and it stalls again! Cranking and cranking the truck! (Hi Def)
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Julip and Anna Black Racial Humiliation
Length: 11.00 min,     Size: 245.70 MB    View Sample
Julip and Anna have a nigger at their feet and they can't stand niggers! They humiliate him and tell him if he wants to go he has to lick their dirty feet clean! They call him a dirty, fried chicken eating, porch monkey. They put their feet up in the his face and spread their toes in his face! (HiDef)
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Joleen Pretend Pedal Pumps
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 217.86 MB    View Sample
Joleen sits on the couch with her bare feet propped up on the table and pretends to pedal pump. then she goes out to her truck and tries again hoping it will start!! Fuckin truck Start!!"(HiDef)
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Holiday Keeps Stubbing Her Poor Toes
Length: 9.00 min,     Size: 197.52 MB    View Sample
Holiday's roommates have been moving furniture around and leaving their things laying around everywhere! She walks in and the first thing she does is stub her toe on a table! She squeals and bends down to rub her poor toes! Sh moves the table and limps to the living room! She picks up a book off the floor her messy roommate left! She goes to put it on the shelf but drops it on her sore toe! She cringes and rubs her sore toe again. She walks through the house, straightening things up but stubs her toes on literally every piece of furniture! She even walks into the doors! Holiday gives up and walks outside where she thinks it'll be safe! She walks out onto the porch and walks right into a table! She hops around as she holds her poor toes and cusses! Today is just not her day! (HiDef)
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Sexy Riley Talks Dirty to Footboy
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 336.94 MB    View Sample
Riley's biggest fan wants a show and Riley's going to give him one! She puts her long, stinky feet in his face as she orders him to pull his cock out! He does what he's told and begins to stroke it as Riley laughs at how pathetic he is! She wiggles her toes in his face and scrunches her arch as he tries to control his orgasm! He's not allowed to bust until Riley says so! (HiDef)
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Saige Talks Dirty And Mesmerizes You With Her Sexy Feet
Length: 10.00 min,     Size: 229.09 MB    View Sample
Saige knows you have been desperately wanting her sweet, delicious, yummy, southern, slutty feet and it's about time she finally gives them to you. She begs you to whip out your huge cock while she foot fucks you with her soles. She wants your hot sticky cum all over every single wrinkle and drenching every single toe until she feel hot wet cum dripping down her soles. She wants you to open your mouth as wide as you can while she jams her petite foot deep inside it along with your ass. Then, she wants you to lick your own ass juice off with you wet tongue!
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Stormy Talks Dirty To Her Foot Slave
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 337.69 MB    View Sample
Stormy has her Arab foot slave kneeling in front of her as she wiggles her cute little toes in his face! He loves her feet and Stormy gets enjoyment out of teasing him! She flexes her soles in his face and tells him she's going to stick her entire foot up his ass! He's so turned on by the idea of Stormy's foot pulsing in and out of his ass! He strokes his large, throbbing cock as she continues to downgrade him and tease him with her feet! (HiDef)
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Shaylee breaks in her new flops
Length: 12.00 min,     Size: 267.36 MB
Shaylee is very excited to be wearing her new brown flip flops. She sits while she shakes them with her feet and flexes in them. She spreads her long toes wide apart and scrunches them. She's ready to hit the beach but wants to make sure her new flops are properly broke in first!
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Chrissy Talks to Her Foot Obsessed Arab Slave
Length: 15.00 min,     Size: 339.38 MB    View Sample
Chrissy has her feet propped up and is teasing her Arab slave! He's obsessed with her huge size 12 feet! She rubs her feet together in front of his face and teases him with them! She knows how much he loves her wrinkly soles and long plump toes! (HiDef)
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