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Pervy Teacher Busts Out The Booze Boobs And Bare Soles
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Young innocent Sassy and her perverted teacher, Ms. Ava, are at Ms. Ava's house and dancing wildly on the coffee table. They grind, twerk, and dry hump to the beat of the music while laughing and enjoying the fact that Sassy's parents are away for the weekend. Being as tipsy as she is, Sassy motor boats her teaches huge tits and coaxes her up to the bedroom. Once upstairs, they continue their boob play and Ms. Ava strips down to her panties while her student is busy sucking and flicking her tongue all over her enormous boobies. Once they hit the bed, they passionately make-out and Sassy licks from her head all the way down to her stinky soiled feet! Sassy is most definitely going to get an A on her final exam for this! Wanting to return the favor, Ms. Ava gives her student a little foot sucking as well. Then, Sassy sits against the wall while her teacher foot fucks her with each foot one at a time. Now on her stomach, Ms Ava watches as Sassy straddles her and sucks her toes and licks her soles! Sassy is in love with her teachers double D's, her huge ass, and her extremely smelly feet! They can't get enough of each other and make out for the second time, both girls hoping it leads to even more fun!
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