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Cinamon Pedal Pumps and Gets Food
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Cinamon is starving and has to get food! Cinamon grabs her keys and asks her friend if he would like anything and then heads out the door.... Cinamon has no choice but to take her old truck, which sometimes likes to act up on her... Cinamon rolls out the door barefoot, she is just going through the drive thru so no reason to wear shoes! Cinamon hops into her old truck and turns the ignition while stomping her barefoot on the gas pedal... the old rough truck starts up but quickly dies... Cinamon lights herself a cigarette and pumps the old gas pedal while cranking the ignition again! Cinamon finally gets the truck started again and rolls on out of the drive way and down the road. Cinamon heads on out to her favorite restaurant and gets in line to order! while Cinamon orders the old truck dies , before she can continue through the line she cranks and pumps the old truck again to get it started.... Cinamon manages to get through the line and heads back to her house, she eats her food on the way back and stomps her barefoot on the gas pedal!
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