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Emma Gets Her Pay Back From Jill
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 577.85 MB    View Sample
Emma is relaxing and having a cigarette. She starts rubbing on her self. Pulling down her top and opening her legs to reveal her pretty pussy. She calls Jill wondering where she is. Jill is already in the house and takes her punishment. She takes Emma's dress off and kisses down her body. Sucking on her tits and finally making her way to her pussy. Jill licks and sucks her pussy making her moan. Then puts a finger in her ass and making her cum in Jill's mouth.
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Laney's Poor Toes
Length: 6.00 min,     Size: 147.27 MB    View Sample
Poor Laney is having a rough day. She has stubbed her toes on ever piece of furniture in the house. She hops around and rubs her pinky toe which seems to be the bearer of the worst hits. Her roommate has to quit moving stuff and leaving it out in the way. Laney is way to clumsy for this!
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Phoebe cranks and pedal pumps the Truck
Length: 26.00 min,     Size: 566.95 MB
Phoebe has plans to meet up with her friend for a nice fun day... her only problem is she is driving her brothers old beat up truck, her transmission is out in her car.... she hates her brothers truck, it has the hardest time starting... He gave her specific directions but she isn't very thrilled its going to work! Phoebe needs to get going, she heads to her brothers old truck gets in and it doesn't start! Phoebe cranks and stomps on the gas pedal with her bare feet... Nothing happens she keeps on cranking and finally when she gets it started it cuts right back off.. she cant believe she agreed to take his truck, she grows frustrated and calls her brother.. Phoebe's brother tells her the truck should start... she continues cranking and it finally starts! Off Phoebe goes only to get down the road and the truck stop again, at this rate she isn't going to get anywhere fast!
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Riley Smoking With Breezy
Length: 6.00 min,     Size: 208.85 MB
Riley and Breezy standing in the kitchen window enjoying a smoke. Nothing taste better than the first drag off a Marlboro. Breezy is pregnant so they talk about things you like more while pregnant like smoking or having sex. While they smoke Riley rubs on breezy's big baby bump.
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Riley And Breezy Big Belly Rub and Smoke
Length: 6.00 min,     Size: 225.47 MB
Riley and Breezy finally catch a moment to get a smoke break. Riley has a special treat for Breezy and her Bump.. she pulls out some baby oil and drizzles it onto breezy's Big round Bump and starts to rub and Massage her belly.. Watch as breezy and Riley inhale and puff away!
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Makena Pumps and Drives With No License
Length: 34.00 min,     Size: 1.00 MB    View Sample
Makena is enjoying her free time painting her toenails and suddenly gets a call from a sibling and they cant get in touch with mom, They need a ride and Makena has no license to drive. Makena's younger sibling is freaking out and she has to go get him, she is getting flustered! She has no license and now she is going to ruin her freshly painted toenails because she cant find her shoes! Makena runs out the door and hops in her dads old truck. She cranks and pumps the gas and this truck wont budge... Makena cranks and cranks and continues to pump. She finally gets the old truck started and takes off down the road when the old truck tries to quit on her again, Makena cranks and pumps the gas with her bare feet! As Makena argues and urges the poor old truck she presses the gas pedal as hard as she can and finally it starts and she's back on her way again!!! Makena even notices that her freshly polished toenails survived the power pedal pumping!!! (Video is 1000MB )
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Hali Smokes And Drives Fast So She Wont Miss Her Cousins Big Wedding Bash
Length: 16.00 min,     Size: 463.27 MB    View Sample
Hali is rushing to her car, walking barefoot on the hard gravel, holding her white heels in her hand. She's almost late for her cousin's wedding and as she jumps into her car, she immediately slips into her heels quickly before taking off. As she pulls out of the drive, she prays to god she doesn't get stuck in some muddy hole again. It's happened so many times recently and if it happens today, there's no way she will be able to be there on time for the wedding. Puffing away hard at her cig, she cusses the slow drivers in front of her and whenever she gets the chance, she puts the pedal to the medal and crushes her gas pedal down all the way to the floor, arching her bare heel out of her pumps to show off her sexy arch. She puffs, smokes, cusses, and speeds anytime she can just to make it to her beloved cousins wedding she PROMISED she wouln't miss! Finally, after very hard pedal stomping and one cigarette later, she finally arrives at the church but knows she's still late. Hopefully, she can sneak in the back and no one will notice her. That way, she can tell her cuz that she way there the entire time but was just in the back so she probably just didn't see her!
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Jamie Smokes Nude With Bloody Hairy Pus*y
Length: 9.00 min,     Size: 334.03 MB    View Sample
Jamie is on her period and we see her tampon string hanging out of her hairy pus*y. She lights up a cig and talks about how extremely horny she is and she just wants someone to come fuck her with their big hard cock right this instant! She blows smoke right in your face while she rubs and plays with herself. Finally, she pulls out her bloody tampon and shows you just how bloody it really is! Now that her pus*y is all empty inside, it needs something big and hard to fill it back up!
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Jonie needs a Cigarette
Length: 5.00 min,     Size: 178.49 MB    View Sample
Been smoking for over 7 years and smoking a pack and a half a day. She needed this cigg bad after work.
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Jamie Smokes Nude With Face Down Ass Up And Loves It In The Butt
Length: 6.00 min,     Size: 243.24 MB    View Sample
Jamie completely naked in her room waiting for you big, hard, throbbing cock to come please her! Her perky tits sit perfectly still and her pus*y is wetter than ever just for you! As she lights up a cig, she talks about how she NEEDS to be played with because she is so super horny. She gets on all fours and shows you her pus*y and ass hole, hoping your hard cock will slip inside while she blows huge clouds of smoke into the air. She promises that she will cum every time she gets fucked in the ass and informs you that's exactly where she wants your cock right now! Puffing away, she continues to beg and plead for your amazing stiff cock to make it's way inside her ass hole and to pound the shit out of it! She even raises her legs and soles high into the air, spreading her pus*y and rubbing her ass hole as wide apart as she can get it! There's no way watching her play with herself from this position you're going to turn this hot blonde bitch down!
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Makena Doesnt Want To Fuck Instead She Wants To Lick And Suck
Length: 25.00 min,     Size: 551.94 MB    View Sample
Makena is standing in front of her bedroom window when her boyfriend walks into the room. She informs him that she bets he is all ready to fuck but instead of fucking today, she wants to try something different. However, she will let him see her naked but he is going to have to lick, suck, and worship her dirty bare feet and toes! After stripping down, Makena lies on the bed completely naked. We get great close ups of her extremely beautiful but dirty feet while we hear her demand her boyfriend to lick and suck off all the dirt and sweat off them! She fondles her perky breasts and we see her raise and press her feet high into the air to show you the perfect spot to shove your cock! We see every angle of her slim naked body and while she caresses and rubs her soft body while she blows you a kiss for doing such a wonderful job!
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Once You Go Black You Never Go Back
Length: 8.00 min,     Size: 359.82 MB    View Sample
Jamie calls for her boyfriend to come into to living room where she is sitting naked a chair with her legs spread wide open. Her pus*y is wide open with white sticky cum dripping off it. While lighting up a cig, she informs her man that he can't please her anymore with his white dick so she fucked their black neighbor and he had the biggest dick she has ever seen and it felt the best out of any guy she has ever fucked! She left all his cum all over her legs and pus*y for him to lick clean. If he can't please her anymore, this will be his future. She will continue to fuck their big black neighbor and she will continue to force him to lick off his black nig*er sperm! Continuing to smoke, she informs him to start licking off all the wet nig*er sperm, leaving her pus*y nice and clean.... next time, maybe she will invite her boyfriend over while their neighbor fucks her and let him suck on her feet because she knows he's into that kind of shit!
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Alana and Skyler Make the Black Maid Suck Their Feet OLDIE
Length: 20.00 min,     Size: 437.44 MB
1The black maid has to do everything in the house, even dress like the slaves did. With her do-rag on, Jaycee has to follow every order from Alana. Alana comes in from work and tells her black bitch to start rubbing on her feet. But that's not all, she wants those big sweaty feet licked! When Alana's niece, Skyler, comes in, the black maid has to suck both of their feet!! All the while the girls pull out all the racial slurs for their black maid! (Racial Humiliation) (in HiDef)
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Riley Pumps Pedal And Shops Barefoot
Length: 37.00 min,     Size: 1.00 MB    View Sample
Riley is in desperate need to get some groceries and the only truck available is her boyfriends old beater that only starts when it wants to. Having no choice but use it, she hops inside barefoot and pumps the pedal and rubs her bare feet up and down for good luck. Unfortunately, she revs it up and pumps the pedal over and over but it's useless and the truck eventually dies over and over. Getting frustrated and cussing the old beater, she lights a cig and continues pumping, revving, and running her foot up and down the pedal slowly. Eventually, she hops out and opens up the hood to check for any kind of problem that may be preventing it from staying starting. Everything seems to be fine so she hops back inside the cab and continues pumping away and revving but like always, it never stays running for long. Finally, she revs it up one last time, pumping away at the pedal and gets it running! Quickly, before it dies again, she takes off and heads to the store. Walking in barefoot, she looks around, posing her slightly dirty feet as she bends down to check out some products. She enters a second store barefoot and does the same thing. We get great views of her sexy, dirty, bare soles and finally walks outside and takes a seat on a bench to show off her dirty bare soles and toes. Finally, she heads back to the old beater and after several minutes of revving and pumping like before, she finally gets it started and quickly heads home. Finally! She makes it home in one piece and hopes she never has to use this piece of shit truck ever again!
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Country Girl Breezy Smokes Nice And Easy
Length: 7.00 min,     Size: 283.88 MB    View Sample
Breezy is relaxing in and enjoying the nice weather outside on her porch. As she sits and watches the cars roam by, she lights up a cig and blows a huge cloud of smoke out her mouth and watches it disappear into the cool air. After she puffs away down to the butt, she walks inside to enjoy a second cig. While reclining in her favorite chair, she enjoys being the only one at the house with no one to disturb her and no one making noise to interrupt her sacred smoking time. Once again, she lights up a cig and inhales deeply before blowing out a stream of foggy white smoke into her living room area. She closes her eyes and relaxes until it's time to take another hit. After puffing away and filling her entire living room area up with with white haze, she leans back in her chair and relaxes, smiling at the camera to show just how amazing she feels once she gets her morning nicotine fix!
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