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Hitch Hiking Destiny Gets Picked Up!     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 675.63 MB     Format: MP4
Destiny is walking through the neighborhood her car broke down, and shes all dressed in her tight sexy dress and stilettos! A strange man pulls up in his Buick, and offers her a ride. Destiny is at first hesitate to get in hes a creepy guy but he tells her shes safe with him and he will get her home. Destiny gets in and see's a pack of cigs, she pulls one out and lights up, and asks if she can remove her stilettos, there killing her feet after all that walking. She pulls them off and props them up stretching her toes and flexing her soles, it feels amazing plus her cig taste extremely good! Destiny relaxes as they drive and does some foot play which gets her attention! Destiny arrives home and lights up another one stretching her feet outside the window showing off her bare wrinkly sexy toes and soles!
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