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Grayson Drives The New Old Truck!    
Length: 35.00 minutes     Size: 1635.43 MB     Format: MP4
Grayson is dressed in her hippie outfit, and has to take the truck out that her neighbor has recently bought so its kind of new to her! He was wanting to take it himself but Grayson decides to chauffeur him because the truck likes to act up sometimes! They both head to the truck and he thanks Grayson! They take off but running into problems, the truck starts to stall and Grayson tells him this is what happens. She starts pumping trying to get gas into the lines but it doesn't start! She tells him it will eventually start just hang tight. Grayson pumps and cranks over and over until it starts! Finally they take off again until things start to happen again! Watch Grayson pump and crank while the neighbor try's helping wondering if they will ever get back home!
$ 25.50

Your Being A Bad Baby!    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 518.18 MB     Format: MP4
Saige is a nasty sleazy neighbor that mama absolutely hates! Mama says Saige is a little trampy whore who needs to stay away from her baby because she gets him excited whenever she is around, with her sexy body and her smoking! Saige actually loves teasing baby and his cum filled raft! Saige walks into the kitchen, and see's baby's popped cum filled raft in the trashcan and hears baby crying in the next room over. Saige dangles her cig and decides to go to his room to see whats the matter. Saige comes walking in and is pissed! She starts to light up another cig and starts scratching his raft, telling him he has to stop the bullshit! She's tired of him crying and sucking his thumb over his stupid raft! Saige gives him hell and knows what really turns him on, since hes into her! Saige spreads her legs as she smokes and talks even showing him some titty! Saige likes him but hates him at the same time! He see's his diaper bulging, is that a hard on? Or is it filled of his cum?! Watch Saige give baby hell and his cum filled raft!
$ 10.50

Krystal Smokes And Soaks In Bubbles!     View Sample
Length: 14.00 minutes     Size: 645.38 MB     Format: MP4
The weather is nasty out today and Krystal just wants to relax. She comes into the bedroom in her little dress and dress shoes, sits down at the vanity and lights up a cig! She takes deep inhales filling up her lungs with nicotine, it relaxes her so well! She then decides to get more comfortable and slips off her dress and dress shoes, propping her bare feet up on the chair flexing and toe spreading her sexy toes apart, just relaxing! She then decides to fill up her tub with warm water and bubbles and gets in with her cute bikini on, lighting up another cig! As she drags in all the smoke she flexes and raises her legs out of the bubbles propping her sexy bare feet and toes on the tub, spreading her wet toes and filling her lungs up with nicotine!
$ 12.50

Hitch Hiking Destiny Gets Picked Up!     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 675.63 MB     Format: MP4
Destiny is walking through the neighborhood her car broke down, and shes all dressed in her tight sexy dress and stilettos! A strange man pulls up in his Buick, and offers her a ride. Destiny is at first hesitate to get in hes a creepy guy but he tells her shes safe with him and he will get her home. Destiny gets in and see's a pack of cigs, she pulls one out and lights up, and asks if she can remove her stilettos, there killing her feet after all that walking. She pulls them off and props them up stretching her toes and flexing her soles, it feels amazing plus her cig taste extremely good! Destiny relaxes as they drive and does some foot play which gets her attention! Destiny arrives home and lights up another one stretching her feet outside the window showing off her bare wrinkly sexy toes and soles!
$ 12.50

Daddy I Have Car Trouble!     View Sample
Length: 31.00 minutes     Size: 1384.60 MB     Format: MP4
Cali is going back to school out of town, her car is packed and has a full tank of gas. Her dad is really going to miss her while shes gone, he gives her a run down on the car and makes sure its in good condition before she takes it on the road. He asks her why the heck shes wearing PJ's and wonders why shes barefoot to?! Cali tells him she wants to be comfortable driving and really enjoys driving bare foot! Her dad sends her on her way! Cali gets in and fires up the old Buick, and takes off down the road. Cali so excited to start a future going back to school, she drives for a bit, talking to herself about how happy she is! Until suddenly her car feels like its trying to die on her, and then it just stalls. Cali starts to freak out, her dad always told her sometimes she has to pump the pedal before trying to restart it! Cali remembers this and try's it but NOTHING! She keeps pumping as fast and as hard as she can! Until it finally starts back up! Cali gives it more gas and then takes off again! This car really starts acting up and she pulls over to call her daddy, and pops the hood! She's now stranded and far away from home, what is she to do? Hopefully her daddy can pull her out of this horrible situation!
$ 18.50

Krystal Changes Her Oil!     View Sample
Length: 14.00 minutes     Size: 683.77 MB     Format: MP4
Krystal needs to change her oil bad in her Camry! Its a beautiful day out so why not! She strips off into her sexy thong and bra and gets things prepared! She has her oil pan and new oil filter and fresh oil! Krystal gets under the car taking things apart and gets back up going under the hood showing off her big juicy perfect ass! Krystal gets a little dirty showing off her bare soles and toes, Krystal goes straight to work, watch her show you that she don't need no man!
$ 12.25

Bad Uber Driver And Car Problems!     View Sample
Length: 41.00 minutes     Size: 1832.64 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla has just started ubering and is on her way to pick up her first customer! She pulls up in a LeSabre Buick, which the customer asks her that this car didn't show in her ad, she tells him her boyfriend wrecked her previous car so she's stuck with this! He gets in and they start chit chatting and driving along. She tells him shes really close on being deactivated and she really needs a good star rating and super badly needs this job! Makayla knows a little about the car, she proceeds to tell him it has some stalling issues, and likes to die at random times, but she promises she will get him at the university where he needs to go. Makayla is driving with flip flops, which is illegal, and he says something to her about this! Makayla tells him he's right she rather drive bare foot anyways, plus she can feel the pedal better. Plus when it stalls she loves to pump the pedal hard using her bare foot! They drive for a bit, and the car ends up stalling out, Makayla panickly pumps, she really needs a five star rating! The customer decides to help her out a little bit on trying to get it back started, since he has a foot fetish, he loves watching her pump the gas pedal bare! When they get it up running again, Makayla starts driving fast, she really don't want him to be late and needs her good rating! Watch and see Makayla's bad driving and worried customer on there little trip, on her first day of ubering!
$ 25.50

Prego Needs A Cig Bad!    
Length: 8.00 minutes     Size: 361.27 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla is standing in the kitchen needing her hit of nicotine, shes in her tight black skirt and her pasty's on her big tittys, really needing a cig and a relief! Makayla lights up by the window, taking deep inhales and exhaling softly! Makayla starts getting buzzy from all the smoke and even starts trying to fight her horny urges, she's prego and really needs some c**k! Makayla is a hot horny mess, and enjoys every strong hit off her cig!
$ 9.25

Game Of Red Light Green Light!    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 454.80 MB     Format: MP4
Cali has her pet little n***er in the house today, and since hes going to be locked in his chastity cage for the next twelve months but today hes allowed to have the chance to cum one last time before being locked up back in his cage naked. This will ONLY happen if he follows her orders exactly and is horny enough to cum on command! Cali throws him the keys and he unlocks himself out! She tells him theirs a game there going to play its called "Red Light Green Light" this means when Cali says Green light that means to start stroking his cock! When she calls Red light that means to STOP stroking his cock! Poor pathetic n***er better listen and obey to Cali's every command and he can cum when she gives him a countdown, he only can stroke his n***er cock to her dirty white girl feet! But He has to obey and pay attention when she calls out Red light and Green light! (racial humiliation)
$ 10.50

Blondies Inhale Nicotine And Sun Bathe!     View Sample
Length: 18.00 minutes     Size: 803.08 MB     Format: MP4
Kenzie is outside relaxing on the porch in her pink fuzzy slippers, smoking her cig taking deep inhales and just plain out relaxing! Makayla comes walking up on the porch she just got back from the shooting range and wants to relax with her as well, she always comes out to visit and chill with her friend. Makayla has her camo jacket on with a hot bikini underneath, she wants to sun bathe since its hot and pretty out! Little does she know Kenzie has a bikini on to under her sun dress! As the girls chit chat on the porch smoking there cigs, taking long drags and slow exhales, they decides to lay out a blanket and sun bathe in the yard! Makayla and Kenzie strip down to there bikini's and lays out in there sun glasses lighting up another cig, dragging them out, they puff away while they sun tan!
$ 15.25

Riley Is Craving Dirty Soles And Toes!     View Sample
Length: 18.00 minutes     Size: 846.18 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla, Saige, And Riley is all out walking around town, barefoot! They all love to walk around with no shoes, its comfortable and they like the warmth of the concrete on there bare soles and toes! After awhile they arrive home, and the girls prop there feet up seeing how dirty they become, until suddenly Riley gets a little closer trying to taste there soles! Makayla and Saige freak out and don't understand what the hell she's doing! Riley is hungry and there feet look tasty, she has a strange craving for the girls dirty, filthy feet! Saige and Makayla give in, anything to make the baby happy! They go inside and let Riley have at it! All awhile Saige starts feeling up on Riley's FAT CAT as she sucks and licks up and down Makayla's dirty bare soles! Both Girls Smoke as Saige changes places and Makayla gets to feel on her fat p***y! Riley is loving every minute of it as she fills up on filthy dirty feet and getting her p***y played with!
$ 16.25

Topless Gilf Crutches Around!    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 509.54 MB     Format: MP4
Vonlee is crutching around on her hurt ankle, shes home alone so she crutches around topless letting her beautiful titties breathe, and letting her hurt foot get some relief! As she crutches around she lights up smoking her cig, and starts dusting her mantles! As long as she gets free time she does as she pleases, and gets her home clean, but after awhile she sits down taking a break flexing her feet out and to relieve the soreness and continues to smoke and letting her tits breathe from being in the bra all day!
$ 10.25

Riley Scratches and Burns Baby's Raft!     View Sample
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 598.74 MB     Format: MP4
Mama Riley has her baby's raft that he jerks off on, she just got back from a good fuck and he has been whining and crying over his stupid raft! Mama Riley is sick of his shit and his thumb sucking habit! She teases and taunts him ashing all over his precious raft, and burning holes all through out it! If he doesn't stop his crying she threatens to whip his ass with her belt, mama is not in the mood to deal with his stupid shit today!
$ 11.50

Sour Feet Rub Down And Nicotine!     View Sample
Length: 7.00 minutes     Size: 338.87 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla and Krystal are hanging out having small chit chat, they both are talking about needing foot rubs from a foot bitch. Makayla offers to rub each others feet, Krystal agrees, so they get in position, and start massaging, enjoying each others rub down. Makayla's feet are so stinky and sour. Krystal cant hardly stand it! Makayla decides to light up a cigarette, and offers Krystal one but she has quit since child birth. Makayla starts to purposely blow smoke her way and she then gives in! Makayla finishes the cigarette leaving both there lungs filled up heavy with nicotine and leaving there feet relaxed after the good rub down!
$ 7.50