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Mitzy Has A Rider!    
Length: 32.00 minutes     Size: 1447.50 MB     Format: MP4
Mitzy is driving down the road when she spots her teacher walking down the road, wondering why shes walking and Mitzy decides to stop and ask if she needs a ride. Her teacher of course takes the ride. She cant believe its her teacher and ask where she needs to go. She tells her to the dollar general she can drop her off there and her house is behind it. She tells Mitzy that her car is in the shop at the moment. Her teacher ask her why is she driving barefoot, Mitzy tells her shes used to it and loves driving bare foot where she can feel the big pedal better! Shes driving her old Buick which her granny has gave it to her, and tells her teacher sometimes it does have a problem sometimes, it likes to stall a lot. She tells her it makes her feel powerful when she pushes the pedal on the floor. They continue to drive as they chat a little until suddenly the car stalls on them. Mitzy tells her this is what it does, she has to pump the pedal hard and crank it, but after several attempts it still don't start! Her teacher tells her to pop the hood. Mitzy gets on the car tightening some wires as she gives her teacher a foot show since she knows she has a fetish for her feet! After they do that Mitzy gets in and finally it starts! She don't understand why it messes up like this! Mitzy continues to drive as she calls her teacher out for liking her feet so much! Suddenly it stalls again before getting to the store. After cranking and pumping it finally starts again! They drive more and finally gets to the store and her teacher tells her that shes got it from here and thanks Mitzy for the ride even though it was rough getting to the store but finally they made it!
$ 18.50

Momma Jayden Has Someone Baby Needs To Meet!    
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 971.25 MB     Format: MP4
Mommy Jayden comes walking in and immediately starts going off on baby with him sucking his thumb, she starts yelling but she has a big surprise for him she has just bought him a new red raft!! Mommy Jayden is excited but he has got to calm down especially if he wants his new filled raft! Suddenly tables turns and he starts crying sucking his thumb wanting his raft terribly bad but Jayden is going to give in as she lights her cigarette and starts smoking it heavily as she scratches his new raft! Jayden then gets up to change his diaper since its already full of cum and tells baby to keep his erection down before Nichole comes over which is one of mamma's good friend! She don't want him having his dick pop out while shes over! Nichole finally arrives, and ask Jayden what she has and she explains it to Nichole telling her that its her baby's fetish he loves his rafts! Nichole lights up her cigarette while they both smoke together scratching his raft and Nichole is so excited to finally get to meet baby! She asks Jayden why he is still wearing diapers as Nichole goes over closer to him checking on his diaper but realizes he has a huge erection! The girls both decide to go out and party tonight as Mommy Jayden gives baby his raft where he will just shut up about it!
$ 15.25

Momma Jayden Cant Stand Baby And His Habit!    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 576.48 MB     Format: MP4
Baby is sitting in the corner sucking his thumb cuddling his raft, mamma Jayden comes walking in and jerks his cum filled raft away telling him to get his thumb out of his mouth! She cant believe he embarrassed her in front of his new baby sitter Kassi. She wishes he was never born, she hates that he loves plastic rafts, and cant believe he cum's on them while he watches mommy smoke her cigarettes! Jayden starts burning more holes in his raft, and decides to get up and spank him because he wont stop crying!! Jayden then lights up another cigarette, and talks about how delicate and worthless his stupid cum filled raft is! She is very pissed that he has a huge erection in his diaper, she don't know if its cum or piss! Jayden goes and changes his diaper and tells him to get rid of his hard on, shes sick of it! Mommy then decides to not give his raft back and flicks her cigarette at him while she takes his raft away!
$ 11.25

Cali's Hardware Run!    
Length: 34.00 minutes     Size: 1587.40 MB     Format: MP4
Cali is needing to borrow a truck today and she knows her neighbor has one! She decides to go over and ask a small favor. She knocks and he answers Cali begs to borrow his truck she really needs to go to the hardware store. He tells her sure, but tells her that the truck has some issues, it likes to stall a lot. He even mentions why she's barefoot, she needs to wear shoes while shes driving. Cali insists she loves driving and going everywhere bare foot! He tells her that shes going to have to pump it a lot if it stalls, Cali says no big deal, shes got this! Cali gets in the truck and goes to start it but it doesn't start! Cali starts cranking and pumping hard but still yet nothing! Still no success after a lot of pumping! Cali keeps trying and suddenly it starts!! She's so happy! She takes off down the road and suddenly it stalls again!! Cali cant believe this, she starts pumping and cranking all over again! Finally it starts, Cali finally makes it to the hardware store! Shew goes in walking around getting her bare feet dirty, but she has to pick up some things. After Cali finishes she heads back out to the truck and gets in, but to no surprise it doesn't start! Cali then pops the hood and gets up on it, searching for loose wires and hoses showing off her dirty soles! Cali gets back in and cranks and pumps, finally it starts! She even calls her neighbor telling him about his truck, it sucks so bad! She try's getting more tips on how to start the truck. She takes off down the road hoping she can make it back home and drop this piece of shit truck off to her neighbor!
$ 20.50

Kassi And Makayla Needs You To Calm Down Baby!     View Sample
Length: 17.00 minutes     Size: 772.11 MB     Format: MP4
Kassi walks up to the back porch and see's his cum filled raft sitting on the table. Kassi cant believe he has another raft as she hears him screaming and crying in his bedroom. Kassi walks into his room carrying her cigarettes and cum filled popped raft! She starts screaming and going off on baby, telling him to stop sucking his thumb and crying! She finds it very difficult to babysit baby and his raft! She just started babysitting him not to long ago and Kassi just cant really do it! Hes very difficult and he gets hard watching her smoke her cigarettes. She gets done with her first cigarette and puts it out on his cum filled raft! She decides to call Makayla, the old babysitter to see if Makayla could give her some tips. Makayla tells her she will be over soon! Makayla finally gets there and cant believe baby is being a very bad boy! Makayla lights up a cigarette, and tells baby to calm down and be a good boy! Kassi asks Makayla how did she use to calm him down. Makayla tells her she will show her as soon as she changes his diaper. Kassi walks over and changes his cum filled diaper while dangling her cigarette in his face. Kassi tells Makayla he is so hard and his diaper is soaking wet! Makayla then decides to show Kassi how to calm him down. Makayla pops out one of her titty's and lets him suck on her nipple which soothes baby really well! Kassi is blown away, and is very surprised at this, as Makayla grabs his diaper telling him he needs to put that hard thing up as she blows smoke in his face!
$ 13.50