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Janie Thinks She's In Control Pt.2!    
Length: 19.00 minutes     Size: 872.97 MB     Format: MP4
Months later from the previous scene part one, Stella is in the office catching up on some work while sub Makayla is on the floor on her back topless licking and worshiping Stella's bare soles and toes and collared. Stella has trained Makayla to be a good sub slave! Krystal comes in walking Janie behind her naked and collared. She asks Stella what is Makayla doing under the desk licking her feet! Stella says she owns her now and Makayla was about to be bankrupt! So Stella took over her company and turned her into a foot slaving slut! Stella questions Krystal about Janie, and Krystal tells her shes her slave for life and obeys every order she gives her! Stella wants to give Janie a try and moves Makayla over to the side and lets her worship her feet too! Suddenly Krystal tells Stella to go over there and let Janie worship her while she speaks to Makayla! While Stella lets Janie do her job on the other side of the room, Makayla and Krystal speaks, Krystal tells Makayla she has a proposal if shes interested! She's thinking that Krystal can get Stella to sign some papers without her fully reading the instructions, to where they both will take over the company! Makayla thinks this is a great idea, and thinks she can get Stella off guard. As Makayla walks over she has the papers with her but tells Stella Janie is doing such a great job! And proceeds to ask her to sign some papers not telling her what they say! Stella pays no attention and starts signing. Makayla walks back over to Krystal and tells her its done! Watch what happens next after the papers have been signed and see Stella's reaction to the new news!!!
$ 18.50

Black Boy Birthday Chant!    
Length: 18.00 minutes     Size: 866.17 MB     Format: MP4
Daisey, Makayla, Brynn, Riley, Krystal and Roxi, are all sitting around in the living room, with tight jeans, socks, and shirts on and cant wait to treat there black boy with a big surprise! He crawls through the room, and see's all his white girls! They tell him since its his birthday today, they all are going to treat him! They tell him to unlock himself from the chastity and he will get to please himself only to there white girl dirty bare soles and toes! They start chanting different phrases while he jerks his black cock until one of them tells him to stop stroking! His birthday gift is them and to cum on there feet and will clean it off at the end! (racial humiliation)
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Janie Thinks She's In Control Pt.1!    
Length: 19.00 minutes     Size: 852.20 MB     Format: MP4
Janie is working in the office, she owns a big company. She is very bitchy and bratty towards her employees. She calls in Krystal because she's going to attempt to fire her. Her work is slacking and late. Janie proceeds to tell Krystal about this and Krystal suddenly turns into a bitch. She sits on her desk and starts to dangle her heels. Janie gets distracted seeing this. Krystal points that out and Janie hesitates, but eventually gives in. Krystal makes her lick and clean the bottom of her heels, but Krystal tells her she thought she was the boss? Now look at her, licking and cleaning the bottom of her dirty heels. Krystal decides to spice things up and tells Janie to strip completely naked. Janie does as shes told! She then gets collared as well and then Krystal makes her clean and suck her bare feet! She loves watching her clean her bare soles and toes, it turns her on seeing Janie being a submissive! She then decides since shes being a good girl shes going to make her suck her strap on deep and hard! Watch Krystal turn Janie into a sub and take over her whole entire company!
$ 18.50

Nicotine and Pretty Pink Fun!    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 926.10 MB     Format: MP4
Kookie is alone today and very horny, she thinks since know one is coming by shes going to enjoy herself! Kookie starts fingering herself getting her pretty pussy nice and wet and lights up a cigg. Then eventually brings out one of her dildos and starts fucking herself hard and good! Kookie loves to play with herself, suddenly she hears a noise and throws the blanket over top of her! Saige comes walking in but nothing but a sweater on, and asks her whats shes doing! Kookie says she just lonely and hanging out by herself. Saige sits down at the vanity and lights up a cigg, and starts smoking passionately! She then asks her why she is covered up, Saige gets up and yanks the cover off of her, she is surprised Kookie is nude and now she knows whats she doing! Saige decides to join her on the bed. Kookie is super horny and wants to taste Saige, Kookie starts to lick and suck on her sweet pussy getting it nice and wet, Saige decides to return the favor as Kookie eats her while she enjoys a cigg! The girls love to please each other, after there feast fest they lay on there belly's, and light up another cigg, enjoying there nicotine as they show off her bare soles from behind!
$ 17.50

Kristen Smokes A Harsh Cigg!    
Length: 5.00 minutes     Size: 264.08 MB     Format: MP4
Kristen is dressed very nice, and she wants a cigg badly! She Kristen lights up and takes a deep inhale and holds it in her lungs before blowing out! Occasionally she coughs because her ciggs are so harsh on her lungs but she enjoys the feeling!
$ 5.99

Riley Is Craving Dirty Soles And Toes!     View Sample
Length: 18.00 minutes     Size: 846.18 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla, Saige, And Riley is all out walking around town, barefoot! They all love to walk around with no shoes, its comfortable and they like the warmth of the concrete on there bare soles and toes! After awhile they arrive home, and the girls prop there feet up seeing how dirty they become, until suddenly Riley gets a little closer trying to taste there soles! Makayla and Saige freak out and don't understand what the hell she's doing! Riley is hungry and there feet look tasty, she has a strange craving for the girls dirty, filthy feet! Saige and Makayla give in, anything to make the baby happy! They go inside and let Riley have at it! All awhile Saige starts feeling up on Riley's FAT CAT as she sucks and licks up and down Makayla's dirty bare soles! Both Girls Smoke as Saige changes places and Makayla gets to feel on her fat p***y! Riley is loving every minute of it as she fills up on filthy dirty feet and getting her p***y played with!
$ 16.25

Sisters Gone Wild And Tongue Tasting!    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 952.63 MB     Format: MP4
Makena and Makayla are two young hot milf sisters but Makena is working in the office today and is checking her sisters grades in college, she cant believe her eyes her grades are horrible and shes even been missing days at college!! Makena is the professor and she cant believe her sister is failing shes very disappointed in her! Makayla comes in the office and Makena starts jumping her shit, Makena tells her theirs something they can do and she will put her grades up to outstanding and she will make sure she passes all her classes IF she makes out with her! Makayla at first quickly rejects says she cant, theirs no way in hell! After awhile of arguing Makayla gives in plus shes always been a little crazy about her sister Makena! The girls jump up and quickly lock wet tongues and shoving there tongues down each others throats! Makena starts getting hot and removes her shirt and bra and even pants! Makayla strips off her shirt! The girls start going crazy and REALLY into it! Its so fucking hot and steamy and cant stay off each other!
$ 20.50

Grayson Drives The New Old Truck!    
Length: 35.00 minutes     Size: 1635.43 MB     Format: MP4
Grayson is dressed in her hippie outfit, and has to take the truck out that her neighbor has recently bought so its kind of new to her! He was wanting to take it himself but Grayson decides to chauffeur him because the truck likes to act up sometimes! They both head to the truck and he thanks Grayson! They take off but running into problems, the truck starts to stall and Grayson tells him this is what happens. She starts pumping trying to get gas into the lines but it doesn't start! She tells him it will eventually start just hang tight. Grayson pumps and cranks over and over until it starts! Finally they take off again until things start to happen again! Watch Grayson pump and crank while the neighbor try's helping wondering if they will ever get back home!
$ 25.50

Happy Birthday Black Boy!    
Length: 19.00 minutes     Size: 887.10 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla, Daisey, Brynn, Saige, Roxi, and Krystal are all sitting in the living room wearing flip flops and bikinis, bras and panties, waiting for there little black boy to come and serve them! As they call on him, he comes crawling out locked in a chastity! Today is the black boy birthday! They all decides to give him a gift and he gets to get lucky today by releasing himself from the chastity! Not only does he get to unlock himself but he also gets to jerk his black cock to there white dirty bare feet! All the girls chant different phrases as he jerks and Makayla tells him to STOP when they all decide to chant another phrase! Black boy is so excited and cant wait to blow his cum on all there bare dirty white feet! But he has to obey there rules and listen to there racial phrases as he jerks his black cock! (racial humiliation)
$ 15.25

Janie Thinks She's In Control Pt.3!    
Length: 24.00 minutes     Size: 1078.33 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla and Krystal brings Stella downstairs to talk, they presume to tell her that they now own the company and Stella is out and no more being under control! Stella freaks and says theirs no way! Makayla reminds her that she has already signed the papers and Stella doesn't recall because she was way to into Janie worshiping her feet! They then tell her to start undressing and welcomes her into her new life as a slave! She will become just like Janie! Makayla and Krystal are complete bitches and Makes them both cater to them and being such good foot sluts! Makayla makes Stella polish there toes with a ball gag in her mouth, while Janie worships there feet and there bodies! They make such good bitches! They cant wait until they serve them everyday and go on vacations spending there money and running there business! They then make both of them suck there strap on's deep and hard! Look who's over the company now!!
$ 21.50

Daisey The Hitch Hiker!     View Sample
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 708.69 MB     Format: MP4
Daisey is walking along side the road when this truck rolls by and Daisey asks for a ride. Her feet are tired and sweaty plus she needs a ride back home. He of course picks her up. Daisey props her feet up on the dash and lights up a cigg, she needs to relieve her stress from walking and being tired! She then removes her shoes and dangles them different way, even crossing her ankles out the window letting them get some cool air! Daisey lights up another cigg, and teases her driver with her sexy bare soles and toes!
$ 14.50

Cali Got A Promotion!    
Length: 32.00 minutes     Size: 1473.61 MB     Format: MP4
Cali has just got a promotion at work and someone is very upset about this! They want to get back at her! So while Cali is getting things ready to leave for the day, someone is outside tampering with her brake lines! Cali goes to her car and gets in not knowing she's leaving a puddle of fluid behind. As she drives down the road she notices her brake pedal is feeling funny and strange. Cali keeps driving not really worried about it, until suddenly it starts becoming hard to stop the car. Cali starts breaking hard to get this car to stop, shes had enough and decides she needs to take it to the shop! The next day she goes to pick it up, everything is driving great so she thinks its fixed! The more she drives she didn't know that before she picked it up it has been tampered with yet again! This time its her gas pedal! Cali try's to stop it but it keeps going faster, will Cali be able to stop it? Maybe she just needs a new car!
$ 20.50

Janie Has To Chauffeur Her Neighbor Today!    
Length: 35.00 minutes     Size: 1601.10 MB     Format: MP4
Janie is waiting for her neighbor to arrive, she has to take him around town because he has no vehicle it's in the shop! He finally arrives, Janie gathers up her things and heads out to the car. He gets in with her, and they take off. As they drive off suddenly the car starts to act very weird. It starts to stall and die out, Janie starts to pump it to get it back started! Her neighbor asks her whats up with it. Janie tells him it has several issues but she will get him there! While she drives it continues to stall over and over again, as Janie continues to pump the pedal hard! Watch what happens, will Janie get to her destination for her neighbor?!
$ 28.50

Makayla Teases Her Secret Stalker!!    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 686.68 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla sits at the vanity. She is barefoot with nude legs and wears just a cute little slip. Makayla seen this weird perv outside creeping around. Makayla has got and has had a suspicion and decides to play a game with her stalker. Makayla is upstairs and her pervy stalker has a ladder up against the side of the house right in front of the window!! Makayla notices him but continues as she does not notice her admirer. Makayla knows exactly about his desires! He is crazy for her perfect feet and loves girls that smoke! Makayla decides to show especially sexy views of her perfect feet and soles. She also smokes her cigarettes in an extremely passionate way! Makayla knows that she is already driving her stalker crazy but she wants to make him go fucking insane so Makayla has a little surprise for him!! Watch full video to see!!!
$ 15.25

Uber Driver Fail!    
Length: 31.00 minutes     Size: 1452.68 MB     Format: MP4
Krystal and Sarah are sitting inside there house relaxing together. Krystal got a job as a uber driver and she just got a order to pick up a pizza and deliver it down the road. Sarah asks if its okay that she goes bare foot? Krystal says sure, shes going bare foot too! Sarah loves going with Krystal to make her runs but asks if she can drive? Krystal says sure, but the car has some problems. They jump in and Sarah puts the key in and starts to crank it but it doesn't start! Krystal tells her to pump the gas pedal as she try's to start it but nothing! Krystal says to pump it harder and finally it starts! Sarah takes off but is very nervous as she drives the piece of crap! Finally they get to the pizza shop and they get the pizza! Krystal tells her shes driving because she noticed how nervous she was! Krystal jumps in the drivers seat but now its starting to have big problems. She cranks and pumps over and over until she finally gets it started! They take off and deliver the pizza BUT it stalls yet again!! Watch what Krystal and Sarah go through with this piece of shit Buick!
$ 15.50

Cora Just Wants To Get Home!    
Length: 26.00 minutes     Size: 1196.11 MB     Format: MP4
Cora is almost finished at work, she lights up a cigarette and just cant wait to leave work! Cora jumps up and closes everything out and heads out to her Buick! Cora gets in and lights up another cigarette, and goes to start it but theirs nothing! Cora sits there and wonders whats going on? She try's pumping and cranking again! Cora starts to get pissed, she wants to go home so badly!! She starts to press the gas pedal down all the way to the floor with her heels and cranks it but still NOTHING! Cora is so pissed! Finally it revs up but then immediately dies! Cora starts cussing, and beating the steering wheel! She lights up another cigarette and gives it all shes got! Watch Cora deal with this piece of shit Buick, and will she have to stay at work or will she get another ride!
$ 19.25

Kookie And Shaylee Gets Super Licked!    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 944.95 MB     Format: MP4
Kookie and Shaylee both lay back in there panties and bra's letting Cocoa lick and worship there big beautiful bare soles! She makes them super wet, soaked in her warm saliva! They both are amazed at how wet and warm Cocoa's tongue is and how she works it! Kookie cant stand it anymore and removes her panties making Cocoa work her way up to her sweet p***y! Watch Coca work her wet tongue in between her juicy p***y lips while Shaylee watches! Kookie removes her bra showing her beautiful titties! Cocoa makes Kookie go crazy licking her up! They make the room all hot and steamy! Cocoa is all about that super licking and she knows how to work that tongue!
$ 19.25

All Natural Smoke!     View Sample
Length: 14.00 minutes     Size: 633.86 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla comes home having a rough day, all she wants is to smoke and take off the edge! She first takes off her stinky tight shoes following with her thick sweaty socks, revealing her bare sweaty petite feet! Then she lays back and lights up taking deep inhales and blowing out slow. Makayla loves to fill her lungs up in nicotine! She then moves to the couch laying down on her belly throwing her feet up from behind, lighting up another one, Makayla just cant get enough of smoke especially her cigarettes!
$ 12.25

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun     View Sample
Length: 47.00 minutes     Size: 2085.86 MB     Format: MP4
Riley and Roxi are best friends. They are sitting on the couch talking about Riley getting married, Roxi is upset because she knows after the wedding they won't get to have there nasty girl time. Riley is also upset because she loves kinky nasty sex and her man does not he is very plain in the bedroom. The girls decide they should have some fun one last time before the wedding. Riley and Roxi both not only like kinky sex but they like licking dirty feet to. They take off there shoes and go out to the porch to get there feet dirty, than head upstairs for some fun. They start heavily making out before undressing each other. Riley starts by sucking on Roxi's nipples and than moves down to her feet getting all the dirt. She moves from her feet to her wet pussy Riley sticks her long tongue deep inside getting all the juices. Riley has Roxi flip over sticking her ass up in the air so she can stick her tongue in as deep as she can. Than they switch to 69 position Roxi on top. Both girls go down on each other hot and heavy, before Roxi moves down to Riley's feet licking and sucking all the dirt off them. She than moves her way up doing all the same things Riley done to her. Both girls hope they can sneak and have more dirty fun in the future without Riley's husband finding out.
$ 39.50

Krystal Stands And Smokes For You!     View Sample
Length: 8.00 minutes     Size: 377.51 MB     Format: MP4
Krystal is standing against the wall on her phone. She starts craving some nicotine so she lights up her good ol' Marlboro Red!!!! While she stands and smokes she stands on one foot flexing her foot thats in the air. She also smokes with her back against the wall and bare foot!!
$ 6.99