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Daddy I Have Car Trouble!     View Sample
Length: 31.00 minutes     Size: 1384.60 MB     Format: MP4
Cali is going back to school out of town, her car is packed and has a full tank of gas. Her dad is really going to miss her while shes gone, he gives her a run down on the car and makes sure its in good condition before she takes it on the road. He asks her why the heck shes wearing PJ's and wonders why shes barefoot to?! Cali tells him she wants to be comfortable driving and really enjoys driving bare foot! Her dad sends her on her way! Cali gets in and fires up the old Buick, and takes off down the road. Cali so excited to start a future going back to school, she drives for a bit, talking to herself about how happy she is! Until suddenly her car feels like its trying to die on her, and then it just stalls. Cali starts to freak out, her dad always told her sometimes she has to pump the pedal before trying to restart it! Cali remembers this and try's it but NOTHING! She keeps pumping as fast and as hard as she can! Until it finally starts back up! Cali gives it more gas and then takes off again! This car really starts acting up and she pulls over to call her daddy, and pops the hood! She's now stranded and far away from home, what is she to do? Hopefully her daddy can pull her out of this horrible situation!
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