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The Neighbor Is Always Watching!    
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 1375.50 MB     Format: MP4
Daisey comes home from work and takes a stroll through her yard, dressed in her casual wear. She goes inside and sits down on the sofa propping her sneakered feet up on the table, thinking about taking a nap. She decides to go upstairs and gets comfortable falling asleep. She has NO idea the creepy neighbor has been watching her for quite some time. As she sleeps soundly, the neighbor sneaks inside her house, and works his way into her bedroom. He has been wanting to get her feet for awhile, he slips off her sneakers and socks and starts to caress and lick on them. Daisey continues to sleep soundly. He has always wanted to worship her sexy soles and toes! Daisey wakes up suddenly, but the neighbor has already left. She wonders why her shoes and socks are off, but doesn't really care and then decides to take off all her clothes, laying back down completely NUDE! Daisey then drifts back off to sleep, the neighbor re enters and is blown away by her steaming hot body! He really goes in to worshiping her feet looking at such a beautiful naked body! The neighbor finally got his chance! After Daisey's nap she gets up getting dressed and decides to leave out again strolling through her yard before taking off again, NOT knowing what the creepy old neighbor has done!
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