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Addy Moves The Truck!    
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 972.68 MB     Format: MP4
Addy is relaxing at the house in her pj's and comfy clothes, being lazy on her phone. Makayla pipes in and tells her that she needs to move her daddy's truck because she is getting a delivery today and she has a whole bunch of furniture thats going to be delivered at the house today! Addy tells her she can move it, but Makayla insists on her moving it! Addy still doesn't get up until Makayla yells at her to get up and go do it NOW! She gets up and tells her fine she will do it! Addy heads off and gets in the truck. She puts her bare foot on the brake and try's to start it but it doesn't start she forgot how to start the truck. She pushes the gas down and try;s starting it but it still doesn't catch! She totally forgot how to start the truck. She ends up calling her dad, he tells her to pump the gas pedal and try to crank it, finally it starts! Addy begins to move the truck but it stalls, she cranks and pumps again! It starts she starts to rev it a little while she cautiously moves it! Will Addy ever be able to move this truck?
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