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Cali's Hardware Run!    
Length: 34.00 minutes     Size: 1587.40 MB     Format: MP4
Cali is needing to borrow a truck today and she knows her neighbor has one! She decides to go over and ask a small favor. She knocks and he answers Cali begs to borrow his truck she really needs to go to the hardware store. He tells her sure, but tells her that the truck has some issues, it likes to stall a lot. He even mentions why she's barefoot, she needs to wear shoes while shes driving. Cali insists she loves driving and going everywhere bare foot! He tells her that shes going to have to pump it a lot if it stalls, Cali says no big deal, shes got this! Cali gets in the truck and goes to start it but it doesn't start! Cali starts cranking and pumping hard but still yet nothing! Still no success after a lot of pumping! Cali keeps trying and suddenly it starts!! She's so happy! She takes off down the road and suddenly it stalls again!! Cali cant believe this, she starts pumping and cranking all over again! Finally it starts, Cali finally makes it to the hardware store! Shew goes in walking around getting her bare feet dirty, but she has to pick up some things. After Cali finishes she heads back out to the truck and gets in, but to no surprise it doesn't start! Cali then pops the hood and gets up on it, searching for loose wires and hoses showing off her dirty soles! Cali gets back in and cranks and pumps, finally it starts! She even calls her neighbor telling him about his truck, it sucks so bad! She try's getting more tips on how to start the truck. She takes off down the road hoping she can make it back home and drop this piece of shit truck off to her neighbor!
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