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Brooklyn Smoking At Window     View Sample
Length: 9.00 minutes     Size: 190.99 MB     Format: WMV

Brooklyn stands and looks out the window while smoking a cigarette. Enjoying every inhale, she blows smoke in your face and poses in her sexy tight dress.

$ 8.99


Whitney Smokes Topless    
Length: 7.00 minutes     Size: 153.84 MB     Format: WMV

Whitney smokes sexy and talks dirty! She takes off her bra and rubs on her perky bare tits while talking about what she would do to you....if only you could be there!! (HiDef)

$ 8.99


Mia smokes and talks about Jail    
Length: 7.00 minutes     Size: 155.65 MB     Format: WMV

Hot Mia smokes sexy and talks to her friend about being locked up in Jail with no cock and no Ciggs! She is horny and needs some lovin bad!(HD)

$ 9.50


Mia smokes and talks about Jail    
Length: 7.00 minutes     Size: 155.65 MB     Format: WMV

Hot Mia smokes sexy and talks to her friend about being locked up in Jail with no cock and no Ciggs! She is horny and needs some lovin bad!(HD)

$ 9.50


Sexy Footsie and Humping in Bed     View Sample
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 240.90 MB     Format: WMV

Love those BBW girls? Katnik and Rachel have one hell of a surprise for you!! Check out these sexy BBW's as they have a sexy humping session under the blankets! The girls moan and sounds like multiple orgasms!! As they fall to the side, their big soles play a round of footise before they get started again!! (in HiDef)

$ 10.25


Jazmine Stretching    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 233.73 MB     Format: WMV

Jazmine gets started on her morning stretch routine. A bit of rap music plays in the background as she stretches those legs, wrinkles those soles, and flexes her soles. Jazmine makes the perfect workout buddy! (in HiDef)

$ 9.50


Lesbian Kissing in Bra and Pantyhose    
Length: 25.00 minutes     Size: 179.74 MB     Format: WMV

These hot lesbians just can't keep their hands off each other! Shya and Whitney are stripped down to their bra, thongs, and pantyhose. On the bed, they makeout and footsie their stockinged feet, but that's just the beginning!! These girls roll over on top of each other and do a bit of dry humping while kissing all over each others bodies. This is one HOT lesbian video you don't want to miss! (in HiDef)

$ 20.99


Whitney Gets Held By Two Men    
Length: 18.00 minutes     Size: 390.19 MB     Format: WMV

Whitney skipped out on jury duty, and bounty hunters arrive at her door. They walk in and immediately handcuff Whitney. She tries to plead her way out of it, but the men won't budge. They allow her to get a few things and smoke a cigarette before they escort her to the transport vehicle. She takes big puffs and tries to talk her way out of it, but nothing works and they take her outside. While in the car, Whitney's little sister, Skyler, shows up and Whitney screams she's been kidnapped! The men race out of the car and grab up Skyler and drag her back in the house! Skyler screams and tells them to let her go, but the bounty hunters won't let Skyler go either! These girls are in for it! (in HiDef)

$ 14.99


Whitney makes him strip and jerk    
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 660.82 MB     Format: WMV

Whitney talks to you while smoking, wanting you to strip naked and stand to get a good look at you. She loves to watch men pleasure themselves as she talks and smokes her cigarettes. Hi Def (no feet just smoking and talk POV)

$ 22.99


Mandy Dirty Foot Wash    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 210.19 MB     Format: WMV

This is part 2 of Mandy Dirty Foot Carpet Rub. Mandy goes upstairs to wash her feet while he watches. They go back downstairs where she props her size 10s on his lap, and he rubs her soft, clean feet. (HiDef)

$ 9.50


Mandy Dirty Foot Carpet Rub     View Sample
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 283.75 MB     Format: WMV

Mandy invites her friend inside after walking her home. She teases him by putting her size 10s in his face. After rubbing her tired feet on the carpet, he admires and rubs her dirty soles.(HiDef)

$ 10.99


Emily cranks in Scholl sandals     View Sample
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 242.19 MB     Format: WMV

Emily wants to drive the old Dodg truck. It starts but then dies and she cant get it back started. Lighting up a cigarette and constantly pumping. Finally starting and she revs it up! (HD)

$ 10.99


Sheena Tries to Sell Her Clunk Truck     View Sample
Length: 24.00 minutes     Size: 527.35 MB     Format: WMV

He comes to her porch, asking if she's serious about selling her truck. Sheena gets up and shows him the under the hood, but he can't seem to keep his eyes off her feet in sandals. She tries to give him a test drive, but this hunk of junk won't stay on! Finally, it's ready to go and they take a drive. He can't keep his eyes on the truck, especially when Sheena takes off her tank top to reveal her bikini top with her huge tits almost falling out of it! But Sheena does a great job of negotiating at the end of the video. (POV) (in HiDef)

$ 19.99


Whitney Smoke at Desk    
Length: 4.00 minutes     Size: 85.42 MB     Format: WMV

A quick clip of Whitney as the Secretary, working at her desk, smoking a cigg. She takes big inhales and blows a cloud of smoke to fill the room. Everyone needs a smoke break! (in HiDef)

$ 5.99


Sosa makes Mamas boy lick Her sweaty Dancer Feet    
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 277.60 MB     Format: WMV

An older man follows Sosa in her change room. She finds out he's a Mamas boy that wants to rub and lick her sweaty stripper feet. She lets the poor Mama's boy lick and smell them before her next dance! (POV HD)

$ 12.25


Hottie Hitchhiker Aliyah in My Car     View Sample
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 227.15 MB     Format: WMV

Who would leave this hottie young girl out without a ride? I pull over and let her hop in. She complains about the hot weather and sees me looking at her sweaty feet. Do you like that? she asks. She takes off those flip flops and shows her sweaty bare feet to me! She even puts them on my steering wheel! Glad I picked up this hot, young girl! (in HiDef)

$ 9.25


Mandy Girl Next Door Smoke Cigar    
Length: 5.00 minutes     Size: 118.03 MB     Format: WMV

Check out our new girl next door model, Mandi. She doesn't smoke cigarettes, but she'll puff of this black and mild cigar for you. She stands by the window and blows out smoke before enjoying a bit more of the cigar outside on the patio. (in HiDef)

$ 5.99


Out to Eat with Barefoot Aliyah     View Sample
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 265.09 MB     Format: WMV

Love our hot model, Aliyah? Check her out in this video! She's in a local fast food restaurant and as she walks in bare, she gives us a few peeks of those hot, dirty, bare soles as she stands in line. She eats her meal as we watch her dangle underneath the table. When she's finished, we walk out behind her getting the perfect view of her young ass and bare feet walking out the door. (in HiDef)

$ 11.50


Wren & Traci Smoking Topless    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 315.77 MB     Format: WMV

Wren and Traci are sitting at the table smoking and relaxing after partying tonight! Traci is 6 months pregnant and it doesn't take long before she realizes they forgot turn the air conditioner on, she is burning up! Traci strips out of her revealing red top to show us her tattoos and nipple rings while she smokes and chats with Wren. Wren follows suit and shortly after whips out her monstrous tits! Double D's!!! She and Traci laugh and talk while smoking. Traci rubs her pregnant belly some and each girl plays with her own nipples as well as her best friends! GREAT topless video...good smoking shots!

$ 15.50


Skyler Smoking Toppless Clip    
Length: 3.00 minutes     Size: 74.22 MB     Format: WMV

Skyler signs up to do a toppless smoking video, so here she is! She bare chested and lights up her cigarette. As the smoke fills the room, we get some views of her natural tits and watch her suck down on that cigg! (in HiDef)

$ 5.99