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Layla Has Bad Brakes!    
Length: 33.00 minutes     Size: 1466.40 MB     Format: MP4

Layla is at the office catching up on some computer and paper work. Meanwhile a stranger is outside actually cutting her brake lines, he has it out for Layla for some reason! After he finishes his dirty duties, Layla steps outside and gets in her car ready to go home! Layla takes off down the road when suddenly her brakes starts acting funny like its hard to stop the car. She at first keeps driving not thinking much thinking they will eventually straighten out. The more Layla drives the more they feel spongy like there going out! Now they have completely went out and Layla had to use the emergency brake to stop the car. She then calls a mechanic to have it fixed when she seen brake fluid running out from under her tire! The next following day, they call to let her know its fixed! Little does she know they have been cut yet again! Layla drives off down the road and the same thing happened again! Who is messing with Layla's car? Will she get it fixed the right way next time? Is someone messing with her?!!

$ 20.50


Daisey Has To Get A Hold Of The Authorities!    
Length: 31.00 minutes     Size: 1392.00 MB     Format: MP4

Daisey is at the office working on the computer she has stumbled upon something she wasn't suppose to see. Now she has to go to the authorities about this! Its got to be dealt with! While finishing up inside the office, there is someone out by her car cutting the brake lines! Daisey finishes up and heads outside to her car not knowing what had just happened! She pulls away and heads off down the road, suddenly her brakes are feeling a little weird, there spongy feeling. Daisey continues to drive but they get worse almost not having any brakes at all! She ends up calling a repair man and she gets it to a shop where it can be fixed. The next day she picks it up. Daisey thinks its fixed. But they start acting weird again, Daisey starts pumping the brakes but shes losing them! Watch Daisey pump the brake to get the car to stop, and now shes going to have to call a tow truck or the law!

$ 20.50


Candice Is Ready To Leave Work!    
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 1377.83 MB     Format: MP4

Candice has had a very long day at work shes ready to leave and go home to relax! Little does she know someone is outside cutting her brake lines. Candice gets in her old school Buick and takes off not knowing anything. She drives a bit down the road, suddenly the brakes start feeling a little spongy! Candice continues to drive but the more she gets down the road they start to get worse, almost not having any brakes! Candice starts to pump the brakes hard but the car now is not wanting to stop. Candice calls a mechanic and has it fixed. The next following day she gets back in, thinking the car is fixed. Candice heads off down the road, at first it seems like her car got fixed but the more she gets down the road they start acting funny again! Will Candice make it home? Whats going on with her car?!!

$ 22.50


Get Rid Of Those Hideous White Socks!    
Length: 68.00 minutes     Size: 3042.78 MB     Format: MP4

Daisey and Makayla are hanging out with Sarah today. Sarah wants to go out with them so badly to clubs and shopping. The thing with Sarah is that she doesn't want to stop wearing her hideous white socks! The girls are sick of her looking like a slob all the time! Sarah absolutely LOVES her white socks! She has so many of them, Makayla starts dropping all her white socks all over the floor surrounding them all! Sarah don't really like this but she will do anything now to go out with them! Makayla and Daisey starts blowing there cigarette smoke all over her white socked feet! She says she will start to dress up more often! They then both decide to start worshiping her white socks getting them real wet with saliva and spitting on them too! They massage and worship at the same time! They then decide not to throw away all her white socks they want to destroy them instead! They want to see how strong these socks can hold! They want to put them through a test! They start bringing out there special tools to use against these socks! They have scissors, hairbrush, snap on nails, and a pinwheel! They start using different techniques and styles to destroy them! After awhile of this, Daisey tells her she's got a fake foot to try out from art class. They then take Sarah's remaining socks and put on different pairs and brands on the fake foot and try to destroy them on the fake foot! They even gag on the fake foot to create more saliva to worship her favorite socks of them all! Watch Makayla and Daisey do there best to get rid of Sarah's hideous white socks forever!

$ 25.50


Cora Just Wants To Get Home!    
Length: 26.00 minutes     Size: 1196.11 MB     Format: MP4

Cora is almost finished at work, she lights up a cigarette and just cant wait to leave work! Cora jumps up and closes everything out and heads out to her Buick! Cora gets in and lights up another cigarette, and goes to start it but theirs nothing! Cora sits there and wonders whats going on? She try's pumping and cranking again! Cora starts to get pissed, she wants to go home so badly!! She starts to press the gas pedal down all the way to the floor with her heels and cranks it but still NOTHING! Cora is so pissed! Finally it revs up but then immediately dies! Cora starts cussing, and beating the steering wheel! She lights up another cigarette and gives it all shes got! Watch Cora deal with this piece of shit Buick, and will she have to stay at work or will she get another ride!

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Makayla Teases Her Secret Stalker!!    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 686.68 MB     Format: MP4

Makayla sits at the vanity. She is barefoot with nude legs and wears just a cute little slip. Makayla seen this weird perv outside creeping around. Makayla has got and has had a suspicion and decides to play a game with her stalker. Makayla is upstairs and her pervy stalker has a ladder up against the side of the house right in front of the window!! Makayla notices him but continues as she does not notice her admirer. Makayla knows exactly about his desires! He is crazy for her perfect feet and loves girls that smoke! Makayla decides to show especially sexy views of her perfect feet and soles. She also smokes her cigarettes in an extremely passionate way! Makayla knows that she is already driving her stalker crazy but she wants to make him go fucking insane so Makayla has a little surprise for him!! Watch full video to see!!!

$ 15.25


Nicotine and Pretty Pink Fun!    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 926.10 MB     Format: MP4

Kookie is alone today and very horny, she thinks since know one is coming by shes going to enjoy herself! Kookie starts fingering herself getting her pretty pussy nice and wet and lights up a cigg. Then eventually brings out one of her dildos and starts fucking herself hard and good! Kookie loves to play with herself, suddenly she hears a noise and throws the blanket over top of her! Saige comes walking in but nothing but a sweater on, and asks her whats shes doing! Kookie says she just lonely and hanging out by herself. Saige sits down at the vanity and lights up a cigg, and starts smoking passionately! She then asks her why she is covered up, Saige gets up and yanks the cover off of her, she is surprised Kookie is nude and now she knows whats she doing! Saige decides to join her on the bed. Kookie is super horny and wants to taste Saige, Kookie starts to lick and suck on her sweet pussy getting it nice and wet, Saige decides to return the favor as Kookie eats her while she enjoys a cigg! The girls love to please each other, after there feast fest they lay on there belly's, and light up another cigg, enjoying there nicotine as they show off her bare soles from behind!

$ 17.50


Candice Cant Start The Car!    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 491.40 MB     Format: MP4

Candice heads out to her car, and gets in and starts to crank it but no fire. The car doesn't seem like it wants to start. She starts pumping the pedal with her stockings and fancy flat sandals. Still no fire! Candice decides to slip off her sandals and just pump and crank with her stockings on. Candice uses both feet to pump hard but still yet no fire! She gets more and more frustrated! Candice pumps with all she's got and cranks but no luck! Does she figure out what's wrong or does she have a piece of shit?!

$ 10.50


Cali Got A Promotion!    
Length: 32.00 minutes     Size: 1473.61 MB     Format: MP4

Cali has just got a promotion at work and someone is very upset about this! They want to get back at her! So while Cali is getting things ready to leave for the day, someone is outside tampering with her brake lines! Cali goes to her car and gets in not knowing she's leaving a puddle of fluid behind. As she drives down the road she notices her brake pedal is feeling funny and strange. Cali keeps driving not really worried about it, until suddenly it starts becoming hard to stop the car. Cali starts breaking hard to get this car to stop, shes had enough and decides she needs to take it to the shop! The next day she goes to pick it up, everything is driving great so she thinks its fixed! The more she drives she didn't know that before she picked it up it has been tampered with yet again! This time its her gas pedal! Cali try's to stop it but it keeps going faster, will Cali be able to stop it? Maybe she just needs a new car!

$ 20.50


Makayla Upsets Her Neighbor!    
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 742.51 MB     Format: MP4

Makayla every morning goes out and starts her truck, this truck is so noisy and junky and pisses her neighbor off all the time with this piece of shit. One day her neighbor goes out and messes with her truck without her knowing. She wakes him up every morning and it has to stop! After her neighbor does what he has planned, Makayla comes walking out to get to work. She might end up being late! She starts it up but its running funny. She brushes it off and takes off down the road. When she comes to a stop she notices something weird immediately! Something is going on with her brakes. Makayla keeps driving but suddenly she cant get the truck to come to a complete stop she starts running stop signs, and starts to freak out. Makayla has to start using both feet on the gas pedal for it to stop completely! Makayla is in danger! Will Makayla get this truck to stop completely where she can call for help or what will happen?!!

$ 14.50


Janie Thinks She's In Control Pt.3!    
Length: 24.00 minutes     Size: 1078.33 MB     Format: MP4

Makayla and Krystal brings Stella downstairs to talk, they presume to tell her that they now own the company and Stella is out and no more being under control! Stella freaks and says theirs no way! Makayla reminds her that she has already signed the papers and Stella doesn't recall because she was way to into Janie worshiping her feet! They then tell her to start undressing and welcomes her into her new life as a slave! She will become just like Janie! Makayla and Krystal are complete bitches and Makes them both cater to them and being such good foot sluts! Makayla makes Stella polish there toes with a ball gag in her mouth, while Janie worships there feet and there bodies! They make such good bitches! They cant wait until they serve them everyday and go on vacations spending there money and running there business! They then make both of them suck there strap on's deep and hard! Look who's over the company now!!

$ 21.50


Janie Thinks She's In Control Pt.2!    
Length: 19.00 minutes     Size: 872.97 MB     Format: MP4

Months later from the previous scene part one, Stella is in the office catching up on some work while sub Makayla is on the floor on her back topless licking and worshiping Stella's bare soles and toes and collared. Stella has trained Makayla to be a good sub slave! Krystal comes in walking Janie behind her naked and collared. She asks Stella what is Makayla doing under the desk licking her feet! Stella says she owns her now and Makayla was about to be bankrupt! So Stella took over her company and turned her into a foot slaving slut! Stella questions Krystal about Janie, and Krystal tells her shes her slave for life and obeys every order she gives her! Stella wants to give Janie a try and moves Makayla over to the side and lets her worship her feet too! Suddenly Krystal tells Stella to go over there and let Janie worship her while she speaks to Makayla! While Stella lets Janie do her job on the other side of the room, Makayla and Krystal speaks, Krystal tells Makayla she has a proposal if shes interested! She's thinking that Krystal can get Stella to sign some papers without her fully reading the instructions, to where they both will take over the company! Makayla thinks this is a great idea, and thinks she can get Stella off guard. As Makayla walks over she has the papers with her but tells Stella Janie is doing such a great job! And proceeds to ask her to sign some papers not telling her what they say! Stella pays no attention and starts signing. Makayla walks back over to Krystal and tells her its done! Watch what happens next after the papers have been signed and see Stella's reaction to the new news!!!

$ 18.50


Janie Thinks She's In Control Pt.1!    
Length: 19.00 minutes     Size: 852.20 MB     Format: MP4

Janie is working in the office, she owns a big company. She is very bitchy and bratty towards her employees. She calls in Krystal because she's going to attempt to fire her. Her work is slacking and late. Janie proceeds to tell Krystal about this and Krystal suddenly turns into a bitch. She sits on her desk and starts to dangle her heels. Janie gets distracted seeing this. Krystal points that out and Janie hesitates, but eventually gives in. Krystal makes her lick and clean the bottom of her heels, but Krystal tells her she thought she was the boss? Now look at her, licking and cleaning the bottom of her dirty heels. Krystal decides to spice things up and tells Janie to strip completely naked. Janie does as shes told! She then gets collared as well and then Krystal makes her clean and suck her bare feet! She loves watching her clean her bare soles and toes, it turns her on seeing Janie being a submissive! She then decides since shes being a good girl shes going to make her suck her strap on deep and hard! Watch Krystal turn Janie into a sub and take over her whole entire company!

$ 18.50


Rude Client Dont Like Listening!    
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 1414.54 MB     Format: MP4

Layla is in the office today taking phone calls, she receives one call and the customer is rude with her and Layla try's to talk to him in a good manner until the conversation starts to heat up. Layla just blows it off and hangs up. Layla doesn't know that the customer is outside cutting her brake lines! Layla comes out of the office and gets into her car and she takes off! Leaving a puddle of fluid in the driveway. As Layla drives she starts feeling her brake pedal starting to feel a little spongy. Layla first blows it off, but the more she drives they feel like there going completely out. Suddenly they do go out, and Layla starts pressing the pedal down, trying to stop it eventually she does, but now shes going to have to get it fixed. The next day the car is fixed but as soon as she leaves, she leaves yet another puddle behind! Now this time the gas pedal is sticking!! Watch Layla deal with this cursed car and she try's to figure out what the hell happened?!!

$ 22.50


Candice Cant Catch A Break!    
Length: 33.00 minutes     Size: 1505.99 MB     Format: MP4

Candice is a school principal and is determined to rid her school of drug dealing students. Little does she know one of her students has purposely done something to her car to make her be in a incident! Candice comes out to her car and as she leaves she leaves a puddle behind. As she drives down the road her brakes seem spongy. Candice pays no mind and continues to drive. The more she drives they become worse! Suddenly the brakes go completely out! Candice now has to call to get the car fixed. The next day Candice takes off after the car has been serviced leaving yet another puddle, now its her gas pedal sticking! What the hell is she going to do?! Candice is so sick and tired of going through this! Something is going on, and she has to get to the bottom of it!

$ 22.50


Quit Tampering With My Car!    
Length: 35.00 minutes     Size: 1609.51 MB     Format: MP4

Candice is so fed up with her brake lines being cut! She decides to message the lady that she thinks is doing this to her. Theirs no response but she keeps blowing her up, she's sure its her the one one doing this mischievous shit to her! Candice thinks she will receive her messages later and decides to head out to the car and go on home. Candice gets in and leaves not seeing the puddle under her tire, little does she know her car has already been cut! Candice drives and her brakes just aren't working yet again! Candice starts to get pissed, trying to stop the car, her brake lines are cut. She calls for help and has to take it to the shop. Candice is ready to pick her car up the next day, as she gets in she starts to drive leaving yet another puddle behind that she hasn't seen. Candice now has a another problem, her gas pedal is stuck now! What is Candice going to do with this car and the bitch thats tampering with it?!

$ 22.50


Loan Is Denied!    
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 1348.84 MB     Format: MP4

Candice is a bank loan officer and shes meeting with a client today. She presumes to tell her client shes got denied!! The client is completely furious! She cant believe she couldn't get her approved. Little does Candice know she has it out for her and shes going to get revenge! Candice goes to leave work later that day, she starts up her car and starts driving down the road until suddenly her brakes are feeling spongy for some reason. Candice notices but keeps driving until they go completely out and she has to use her emergency brake. Candice doesn't know whats going and goes out to check her car seeing a big puddle by her tire. Candice then gets some help and takes it to get fixed. The next day she thinks its fixed but she starts driving it again and now this time her gas pedal is sticking!! Candice doesn't know that her brake lines keep getting cut. What will Candice do now? She wonders if someone is behind all of this?!!!

$ 22.50


Makayla Is In A Dangerous Situation!     View Sample
Length: 33.00 minutes     Size: 1507.21 MB     Format: MP4

Makayla is at the office today going through some files, as she dangles her heels shes going through some things on the computer and come to find out her boss id laundering money!!! Makayla is completely blown away at this and she's defiantly NOT going down with him! Little does Makayla know her boss is outside doing something to her brake lines! Makayla gets up pissed and decides to cut out of work early shes not getting caught up in this. Makayla heads out to her car, and gets in, as she pulls away theirs a puddle of fluid in the driveway. Makayla takes off and suddenly her brakes feel weird and spongy. At first Makayla blows it off and thinks something is stuck under her pedal. It starts getting worse, so she decides to call her daddy, he tells her to take it to the shop. Well Makayla goes to the car the next day, but before hand her boss has done something else! He has cut another line! Makayla takes off down the road only to realize her gas pedal is sticking! What will Makayla do now?!

$ 25.50


Sleepy Kookie Tastes So Good!    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 467.33 MB     Format: MP4

Kookie is completely crashed out snoring from a wild night the night before! Shes completely nude sleeping so well! Saige and Riley come walking in and see's her asleep. They both get very curious and try to wake her up, but shes not budging! Riley starts working her way up to her face but shes lifeless! Saige decides to start twirling her tongue around her nipple and sucking on it but Kookie still don't move! Riley then since Kookie has such a pretty pussy she wants to give it a taste! As Riley eats Kookie's pretty pussy Saige licks and sucks her nipples! Kookie still yet doesn't wake up and snoring so loud! Saige and Riley eat her so good and she tastes like sweet candy!

$ 10.50


Kookie Gets Fucked And Sucked     View Sample
Length: 9.00 minutes     Size: 308.29 MB     Format: MP4

Kookie is trying out her new sex machine she bought with her old rich husbands credit card. He walks in and catches her. He is heart broken and demands that she stops. She laughs and tells him no she has to get fucked some how because his old limp dick isn't able to do the job. Kookie tells him to make himself useful and suck her toes while shes being fucked. He wants to make her happy so he does what she says and starts licking on her toes and soles. She downs him the whole time, telling him he is useless and couldn't never make her happy sexually. The only reason she is with him is because of his money.

$ 10.25