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Blondies Inhale Nicotine And Sun Bathe!     View Sample
Length: 18.00 minutes     Size: 803.08 MB     Format: MP4

Kenzie is outside relaxing on the porch in her pink fuzzy slippers, smoking her cig taking deep inhales and just plain out relaxing! Makayla comes walking up on the porch she just got back from the shooting range and wants to relax with her as well, she always comes out to visit and chill with her friend. Makayla has her camo jacket on with a hot bikini underneath, she wants to sun bathe since its hot and pretty out! Little does she know Kenzie has a bikini on to under her sun dress! As the girls chit chat on the porch smoking there cigs, taking long drags and slow exhales, they decides to lay out a blanket and sun bathe in the yard! Makayla and Kenzie strip down to there bikini's and lays out in there sun glasses lighting up another cig, dragging them out, they puff away while they sun tan!

$ 15.25


Riley Floors The Pedal And Smokes    
Length: 9.00 minutes     Size: 436.39 MB     Format: MP4

Riley is late for work. She is in the car driving as fast as she can. She pushes the gas pedal all the way to the floor when shes not stuck behind slow ass drivers. Riley lights up a cigarette taking deep drags trying to get as much nicotine in as she can before she gets to work.

$ 7.50


Krystal Teases You After Her Sexy Dance!     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 931.34 MB     Format: MP4

Krystal is all hot and sweaty after her sexy tease dance, she invites you into her bedroom ready for some more teasing! She throws her bare soles and toes up in the air flexing and twirling her feet, and showing that perfect round sexy ass! Krystal gets in different positions showing what shes got, Krystal drives you wild with her smoking hot body and her sexy ass feet!

$ 15.50


Jerk To Marissa's Soles And Toes!     View Sample
Length: 8.00 minutes     Size: 405.82 MB     Format: MP4

Marissa is ready to tease the shit out of your c**k today! She has her sexy soles and toes propped up on the table and lights up a smoke, telling you to pull that d**k out, you and her is about to have some fun! Marissa flexes and curls her soles for you, scrunching her toes showing off them sexy ass wrinkles, telling you to jerk harder she wants you to blow your load all over her sexy feet!

$ 7.75


Kenzie Gets That Nicotine Buzz!     View Sample
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 552.58 MB     Format: MP4

Kenzie comes home after a long day, she props her clogged feet up on the table, and lighting up, she needs to take off the edge and nicotine always helps! Kenzie then gets more comfortable and takes off her clogs, revealing her clean bare soles and toes, while she inhales her cig she flexes her feet back and fourth, and curls her toes! She chats with a friend on the phone moving to her living room and laying down on the couch throwing her feet up from behind her! You get great views of her soles and toes and even her taking large amounts of inhales of nicotine to feel more relaxed and gets a small buzz, just perfect from a long day out!

$ 10.99


My Black Boy Loves Dirty Feet!    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 537.93 MB     Format: MP4

Krystal has a live in n***er slave that is kept in a Chasity cage and does all chores around the clock, Makayla and Makena has lent him over to her to do work around the house for her. As soon as he enters the room Krystal is smoking her cig with her filthy bare feet posted up on the table and asks him is he looking for a reward? Krystal decides to give this pathetic n***er a reward. She tells him that when her dirty soles are propped up he can stroke his tiny black c**k and when she lays them flat he has to stop! Its a game called stop and go! He ought to feel lucky that Krystal is even letting him jerk his c**k to her dirty white girl feet! She even gives this n***er a countdown! (racial humiliation and special order)

$ 11.99


All Natural Smoke!     View Sample
Length: 14.00 minutes     Size: 633.86 MB     Format: MP4

Makayla comes home having a rough day, all she wants is to smoke and take off the edge! She first takes off her stinky tight shoes following with her thick sweaty socks, revealing her bare sweaty petite feet! Then she lays back and lights up taking deep inhales and blowing out slow. Makayla loves to fill her lungs up in nicotine! She then moves to the couch laying down on her belly throwing her feet up from behind, lighting up another one, Makayla just cant get enough of smoke especially her cigarettes!

$ 12.25


Driving Miss Daisy!     View Sample
Length: 32.00 minutes     Size: 1447.64 MB     Format: MP4

Daisy is out driving around when she spots her teacher walking down the side of the road. She wonders what hes doing but stops, and checks on him. He needs a ride so daisy offers to take him where he needs to go. Shes in her shitty dodge but hopefully it can take him where he needs to go! As she drives around he notices shes bare foot, and it turns him on! He always stares at her feet when there in class! Suddenly the truck starts having issues, it starts to stall on her. Thankfully he is there where he can lead her through process, she starts pumping as hard and fast as she can to get it running again! They have some trouble at first, when they arrive at there destination, he has her get out to check a couple things under the hood, while she dangles her bare dirty feet over the bumper, he is obsessed with her pretty little feet! After awhile Daisy decides to give him a foot show and let him get a closer look at her bare soles and toes!

$ 22.25