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Hot Blondes Share A Smoke    
Length: 6.00 minutes     Size: 232.59 MB     Format: WMV

Hali and Jamie are both sexy blondes that love and have to have their cigarettes! They light up and immediately compliment each other on their breasts. Both girls have perky, cute, plump breasts and they love to feel each others! They inhale their nicotine and blow it out in a huge cloud of smoke that fills the room. When they press their cigs to their lips over and over, we see just how much they love to smoke!

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Holiday Takes it Off while Hali Licks     View Sample
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 1.00 MB     Format: WMV

Holiday and Hali have been study partners for a while now and they are so used to hanging out every weekend so that's exactly what they spend the weekends doing. Holiday knows that Hali comes over for just more than studying but she goes along with it, while holiday has her feet kicked up She catches Hali sniffing her stinky sneakers. Holiday helps Hali out a little and takes off her shoe, then sticks her stinky black sock right in Hali face. Hali takes big whiffs of Holiday's stinky socks and Holiday loves every minute of it. Holiday then decides to make her self more comfortable and pulls her stinky black socks off and her hoodie. Hali then starts to kiss and lick holidays stinky feet, Hali is in head over heels for Holidays feet!!! Holiday continues to get comfortable and she takes off her pants and starts to lick her own foot while Hali continues to lick hers! Holiday is enjoying herself so much she strips off her shirt and bra while watching hali. While Holiday is topless and Hali is still licking one foot, Holiday continues to lick her own foot enjoying the quality time that her and Hali are having!(1000 MB Video or 1Gig )

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Halis Personal Ash Tray Slave     View Sample
Length: 6.00 minutes     Size: 223.92 MB     Format: WMV

Hali has her very own personal assistant that she uses and abuses for her every little need. She has him lying on the floor holding her ash tray and using her bare feet to play with his face. Hali lights up a cig and exhales a large cloud of smoke into the room. As she smokes, she pops her toes on his forehead and runs her soles all over his face. She presses her cig to her sexy lips and smiles as she blows it out down at his face. Finally, she forces him to open his mouth so she can ash directly onto his pathetic slave tongue! Hali is sexy, flirty, cruel, and manipulative in this smoking vid!

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Hali Puffs And Folds Away     View Sample
Length: 7.00 minutes     Size: 262.09 MB     Format: WMV

Hali is in no mood to do a bunch of laundry but she definitely needs clean clothes. To encourage her, she lights up a cig and starts folding away. As she folds, she dangles her cig from her lips and complains about most of the clothes being her room mates. After a few folds, she presses her cig to her sexy burgundy lips and exhales a large curtain of thick smoke. Hali's exhales are all big, thick, and have force behind them so we see the white smoke very clear leaving her lips. Finally, she takes a break and props her bare feet up on the desk to call up her room mate and inform her from now on to do her own damn laundry!

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Nervous Model Hali Smokes Before Photo Shoot     View Sample
Length: 9.00 minutes     Size: 330.49 MB     Format: WMV

Hali looks super sexy in her pink leopard bikini and is almost ready to begin her big swim photo shoot. However, right before starting, she admits she really needs a cigarette to help calm her nerves. Getting the go ahead from the photographer, Hali lights up and draws in tons of nicotine before blowing out a huge cloud of smoke. While she smokes, she shows off a few super sexy poses that emphasize her bare feet, amazing ass, and big perky breasts so the photographer can critique them. Holding each pose, she presses her cig up to her deep burgundy lips and then fills the set with thick smog until only the butt is left. Hali warns the photographer she feels a lot better but she may have to stop again for another quick smoke break!

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Secretary Hali Obeys Her Boss     View Sample
Length: 9.00 minutes     Size: 256.45 MB     Format: WMV

Secretary Hali is busy cleaning her boss's office until he suddenly arrives clearly in a bad mood. He walks past her to sit in his chair, slamming his hand down hard on his desk. Immediately, Hali kneels down beside him an starts massaging his leg. Suddenly, her boss grabs her chin and rubs under it slowly and softly. Then, he jerks her face up and informs her she needs to be in a better mood. Being careful not to look at her boss directly in his eyes, Hali squeaks and apologizes to him sincerely. Eventually, he grabs under her arm and rubs her arm pit, squeezing it often. Finally, he informs her he needs her to do something for him that he thinks she will enjoy very much. Still rubbing her chin, he uses his free hand to place his secretary's hand on his exposed hard cock. Hali understands that he wants a hand job and starts jerking his cock off very slowly. She gets faster and faster until he explodes all over her arm and the floor. When he hands her a big paycheck, Hali only looks down and softly cries, hating herself for what she has to do to make this much money.

$ 8.50


Shaylee Puffs Down When Break Time Comes Around     View Sample
Length: 6.00 minutes     Size: 146.67 MB     Format: WMV

Shaylee just got a quick break at work and she is in desperate need of a nicotine fix! Quickly, she hops up on the counter in the break room and lights a fresh one up! She relaxes and poses her sweaty tired working soles. Running them up and down her sexy long legs, she slowly presses her cig to her lips and inhales tons of smoke only to blow out a large curtain of thick smog. Her sexy dress is tightly fitted to her slender body and she massages her toes and soles while holding onto her cig with the same hand! Shaylee puffs down until her cig is almost gone and the room is filled with haze. Time to go back to work unfortunately!

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Barely Legal Jala Gets Feet Raped With No Escape     View Sample
Length: 42.00 minutes     Size: 910.49 MB     Format: WMV

Two thieves posing as gas company workers attack a young girl, Jala, whom they picked out especially because they knew her parents were rich and that they were both out of town. Once they chloroform the girl, they sit her in a chair, tie her wrists, ankles, and arms tightly to the chair and stuffs a rag into her mouth before gagging her. While the older man is working on breaking into the safe, the younger man enters the room and finds Jala awake and struggling to break free. Jala looks so sexy all tied up and he cannot resist worshiping her bare, sexy, exposed feet! He licks, sucks, and molests her sweaty feet while she struggles and moans into her gag. When the older man finds that there is no jewels or money in the safe, they take the girl to a shed and tie her up all over again to hold her for ransom. While the older man is busy making a phone call to Jala's father, the younger guy continues worshiping and drenching her feet in hot wet spit! He is informs by his boss that he can do whatever he wants to her while they wait for her father to bring them to ransom money!

$ 25.99


Smoke Break 360     View Sample
Length: 8.00 minutes     Size: 970.64 MB     Format: MP4

Get a 350 view of Girls chatting and smoking about the video they just finished! With the right player and goggles you can zoom in watch each Chick somke! (VR 360 MP4)

$ 7.25


Raven Pumps And Cranks To Give Friend A Ride To The Bank     View Sample
Length: 29.00 minutes     Size: 628.57 MB     Format: WMV

Raven is on the phone with a friend, Riley, trying to calm her down. She has no way to get to her job at the bank and called Raven to see if she could help her out. Raven informs her that she can borrow her brothers old beat up truck and come get her. Even though his old truck is a beater and is a piece of shit most of the time, it's a way of transportation and it'll probably be OK once she gets it started. Once she gets to the truck, she tries cranking it but it never starts. She calls her brother and explains whats going on and asks for advice. He informs her to pump the pedal over and over until it finally fires. Doing as instructed, Raven pumps away with her bare feet and even rubs her bare soles up and down on the pedal. After a lot of cranking, pumping, cranking, pumping she finally gets it started to go pick up her friend Riley. Now, if it doesn't get her friend where she's going, it's her problem now!

$ 20.50


Barely Legal Jala Hot Smoker    
Length: 6.00 minutes     Size: 232.38 MB     Format: WMV

Jala is our new model and kick back and relax, while telling you how bad she wants to blow on your cock like blowing the big clouds from the cigg she is smoking. When she gets done with her cigarette, she lays back and rubs on her body, then starts rubbing on her pussy, and slowly slides her hand down her shorts with her legs spread in the air. You are going to want to see way more from Jala.

$ 6.50


Bitches Prove Who Has Strongest Cushy Tushy     View Sample
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 272.94 MB     Format: WMV

Brynn and Hali have challenged each other to an ass competition because they are both positive their ass is stronger and sexier. To prove their strength, they press their asses together and push their opponent off the mat. They get on all fours and press once again to knock the other girl off the mat. Both girls take turns bouncing their big round ass on top of the other girls to prove how cushy and strong it is. However, we won't now exactly whose ass is the strongest until the video ends!

$ 11.25


When No One Is Around Leena Puffs Down     View Sample
Length: 6.00 minutes     Size: 229.27 MB     Format: WMV

BBW Leena really wants to smoke a cig before anyone gets home. She's wearing super short shorts and a cute bra that covers her massive tits! Her curvy body looks voluptuous being a woman of size and the light outside shows off the various stretch marks on her stomach. Quickly, she lights up a cig and peers out the window so she can see if anyone pulls up. She presses her cig to her sexy glossed lips and exhales a stream of white smoke. Leena loves inhaling all the nicotine she can and then blowing out lots of wavy white smog. However, when she's finished, she opens the window and airs out the smell hoping no one will notice!

$ 6.25


Hali Presses Cig To Lips And Holds Gun At Hips    
Length: 7.00 minutes     Size: 258.39 MB     Format: WMV

Hali has found out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her and is waiting for them to come rolling up the drive. While she waits, she lights up a cig and holds a loaded gun she bought especially for this occasion! Looking out the window for their arrival, she runs the gun up and down her sexy body while puffing away at her cig. The entire kitchen is hazy with smog and Hali continuously blows out huge clouds of smoke right after pressing her cig to her bright purple lips. No one cheats on Hali and gets away with it!

$ 7.25


Hali Hides In The Middle Of The Day To Puff Away     View Sample
Length: 7.00 minutes     Size: 258.50 MB     Format: WMV

Hali has been entertaining guests all day and desperately needs to get away and relieve some stress! Trying not to get caught, she quietly she sneaks into the garage and climbs up on the loft where her ash tray full of cigarette butts waits for her! With a sigh of relief, she lights up a cig and blows out a huge cloud of smoke. Stretching out, she relaxes and presses her cig to her white lips before blowing out curtains of white smog. Anxiously, she pops her toes and nervously keeps looking around to make sure no one can see her. The cig between her long fingers is the only thing she needs to keep her calm and to give her the ambition she needs to deal with a ton of people at her house. When she's finished, the garage is filled with hazy smoke and she uses her hand to fan it away from the upstairs. Quickly, she climbs back down and slips into her heels and is now ready to endure the rest of the party!

$ 7.25


Foot Bitches Get Beaver Fever     View Sample
Length: 31.00 minutes     Size: 1.00 MB     Format: WMV

Addison is staring straight ahead at her BBW foot bitches Jill and Chloe go to work licking and sucking her big, sweaty, bare soles and toes. Making it feel even more amazing, the girls soon share one foot to give her ultimate pleasure and give her dirty thoughts as she watches their tongues touch as they swirl between her toes. After a while, Addison slips out of her panties and shows the girls her clean shaved wet pus*y. The foot bitches minds quickly turn from her bare feet to the bare beaver between her legs quickly. They take turns flicking her clit and sucking on her juicy lips while listening to Addison moan and sigh with pleasure throughout. They get her pus*y nice and wet and ready to explode with orgasm. Will Addison climax or will she hold back until they can finish her off later?

$ 19.99


Morning Smoke Between BFFs     View Sample
Length: 8.00 minutes     Size: 180.36 MB     Format: WMV

Best friends Emma and Eva just woke up, still in their panties, from a girls night out slumber party. Immediately upon waking up, both girls are in dire need of a cigarette. Emma lights one up and reaches over to light up Eva's. Both girls press their cigs to their curvy soft lips and exhale huge clouds of smoke from their mouths. As they smoke, they express how much they love smoking, especially in the mornings. Inhaling their morning dose of nicotine is just as important as most normal peoples morning cup of coffee!

$ 8.25


Lanas Soles Make You Cum Repeatedly     View Sample
Length: 26.00 minutes     Size: 578.72 MB     Format: WMV

Lana is sitting back on the couch with her fee propped up on the table. She flexes in her thong sandals and spreads her long natural toes. Lana knows her friend can barely contain himself around her sexy feet and so she allows him to pull out his cock! She teases him by wiggling and spreading her toes until he squirts all over them! Over and over, her friend rubs his cock inside her sandals beneath her toes and shoots his hot sticky load all between them! Finally, she slips out of her sandals and rubs her bare feet on his cock. Immediately, he erupts all over her bare toes and soles until he is completely empty!

$ 17.75


Hali Lights Up And Shows Off Ass While Waiting For Time To Pass     View Sample
Length: 6.00 minutes     Size: 240.58 MB     Format: WMV

Hali looks stunning in her sexy bra and panties against her dark tanned skin paired with her sexy wedges. There's nothing to do on a rainy day like this and she's been home all alone waiting on her boyfriend to get off work. To pass the time, she grabs a cig and lights up. She blows out a large puffy cloud of smoke while she rubs her tan body. When she flips over on her stomach, her round ass sticks out and she presses her cig to her glossy lips and blows out bright white smoke that shows clear against the black wall behind her. Her perky breasts pop out of her white bra and her lips look super sexy when they continuously wrap around her cig butt!

$ 6.25


When Rileys Broke She Stays Home And Smokes     View Sample
Length: 6.00 minutes     Size: 232.56 MB     Format: WMV

Riley is worried she may not be able to pay rent this month. On top of that bill, she also doesn't think she is going to have the money to turn back on her heating/air. It's so extremely hot inside her house, she is topless to help cool her off. Though she may not have money to pay her bills, she always has money to buy cigs! There's no way she could go a day without her daily dose of nicotine intake. As she sits topless and thinks about how she is going to pay her bills, she lights up a cig and blows out huge clouds of smoke. She looks super sexy with her cute perky tits and her skilled french inhales. Her dining room filled with a hazy fog and she finally decides to take a peek out the window. Now gazing out the window, she continues pressing her cig to her lips and exhaling curtains of smoke. When she takes a seat back in her comfy chair, she sits and flexes her bare feet while trying to come up with any ideas of how she can make some extra money!

$ 6.99